• OneRegistration Code
  • TwoGeneral Problem
  • ThreeTechnical Problem

Registration Code

Q1. What to do if the registration code is invalid when I register the program?

First confirm that the product you are trying to register is the one you've purchased.

Make sure that you've entered every letter of your registration code correctly, and no space is allowed. Don't leave any space before registration code and email address in registration box.

Don't mix up the product version. There're Windows and Mac versions separately which is totally different.

Q2. Can I use the program on another computer if I purchase single license?
Q3. What can I do if the license code is lost or forgotten?
Q4. Can I transfer my registration code to another computer?
Q5. The program shows error code 4104:"The registration code has been used early". How to fix it?

General Problem

Q1. How to play BD ISO files with your software?
Q2. Why does VideoSolo Blu-ray Player need Internet connection sometimes?
Q3. Why the video freezes 4-5 seconds sometimes when I try to play a Blu-ray film?
Q4. Can I set my default audio track language so that I don't have to choose it every time I play a BD?
Q5. Does your software support 3D Blu-ray discs?

Technical Problem

Q1. How to fix "Failed to open/play the disc" error?
Q2. Why VideoSolo Blu-ray Player always crashes when I play the disc?