Q1.What is the meaning of "Lock scale" in VideoSolo Screen Recorder for Mac?

The "Lock scale" feature only shows on Mac version. When "lock scale" is active, either the width or the height will change along with the other. But if the "lock scale" is turned off, you can change the value of width and height as you like.

Q2.It can't record the sound while recording video? How to solve?

Actually, this program will happen to the Mac users. This is because now the Mac version doesn't have the ability to record audio from the built-in input.

Our technical team is working hard on this problem. And we will update this software as soon as possible.

Q3.How to make screenshots in Screen Recorder?

In the Windows version, just choose the "Snapshot" option from the interface and you can take a snapshot in VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

For the Mac version, find the "Camera" icon and click it. You'll get the snapshot immediately.

Q4.Can the program end the record automatically?

It's able to Windows users to set the recording time but Mac users can't enjoy this function. If you are a Windows user, you can follow the steps below to set it:

Choose "Video Recorder" > Start Recording > Find the "Alarm" icon > Enable "Record length" > Set the time.

Q5.Where are my recordings saved?

On Windows: Click on "More Settings" > "Output" > "Location of Output Files". Here you can find the destination folder path.

On Mac: Click the menu icon next to the "REC" button. And you'll see all recording files in the pop-up window.

Q6.Can I change the style of the cursor?

This program allows you to highlight the cursor movement and the click to make your operation easier to track. But now, you can only change the color of the clicks highlight. The style of the cursor is not changeable.

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