Since in 2010 YouTube allowed users to upload videos with a resolution of up to 4096 × 3072 pixels, 4K videos have overwhelmingly emerged into people's sight. 4K, or 4K UHD Resolution, refers to the ultra-high definition and is named for being 4000 pixels horizontal resolution approximately. Its appearance has largely improved the image quality and provided better visible enjoyment than 1080P HD.

However, problems also arise when you want to watch 4K videos online. For example, you have to take a long time to cache a 4K video or it may paralyze the whole internet connection. A solid solution is to use a 4K video downloader, with which you can download videos in 4K resolution in advance and then enjoy 4K watching offline. So, this passage is here to guide you.

Part 1. An Online 4K Video Downloader - Free and Easy to Use

There are a few download tools for you to download 4K video from YouTube or any other trending video-sharing websites. VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is one of them. With the assistance of such a free online 4K video downloader, you can easily grab any video in 4K resolution within just several clicks on its simple interface. Copy and paste the 4K video address from the video website into VideoSolo Online Video Downloader main page, and then click "Download" to grab the video source before pressing "Download" corresponding to certain formats and quality.

Without extra applications or extensions, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader enables you to download 4K video for totally free. Nevertheless, it's a pity that it is unable to extract the audio track of 4K videos. But we can solve this problem by using an audio download tool to tear the audio track of the 4K video from the website. Except that, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is the most convenient tool to download 4K video from any trending website.

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader Download 4K Video From Any Website

Part 2. VLC Media Player - Powerful Feature to Download UHD Video

Among other 4K Video Downloaders, the most popular one is VLC Media Player. As an open source multifunctional media player, it also incorporates other features like downloading streaming videos from the Internet of various resolutions, including 4K resolution quality. The hardware acceleration supported by VLC media player enables a comparatively better processing ability for 4K videos. Thus, with VLC, you can easily and quickly grab videos in 4K resolution for free and without any ad or spyware. PC, Mac, and Linux are all supported in VLC media player.

To download videos in 4K UHD resolution, please follow the minute instructions.

Step 1. Activate VLC Media Player After Installation

After downloading VLC from here, install it on your laptop. Then activate it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

Step 2. Copy & Paste the 4K Video URL

Head to the 4K video page you want to download, and copy the video link or URL from the address bar. Return to VLC window and click on "Media" > "Open Network Stream" > "Network".

VLC Open Network Stream to Download 4K Videos

Then enter the copied URL into the URL box. Once pasted, press "Play" on the right bottom.

VLC Play 4K Videos Before Downloading

Step 3. Copy the Media Information of the 4K Video

As long as the video begins playing, you should go to "Tools" > "Media Information" > "General" and copy and full URL in the text box to the right of "Location:"

VLC Copy 4K Video Link

Step 4. Enter the URL into the Browser and Download the video

Launch a new window on your computer browser and paste the URL that you just copied from "Media Information" of the video. It will automatically pop up a video-playback window. All you need to do is to right-click the video and select "save as" to download the 4K video within seconds.

Part 3. Trending Sites - Where You Can Feast Your Eyes on 4K Videos

As 4K resolution is becoming a standard for TV and movie industry, people's demand for 4K videos is overwhelmingly increasing. Yet, the fact is that the 4K resources are still limited compared with 1086P HD. The following is the top-notch video platforms providing 4K video feasts.

NO 1. YouTube

Since 2010, YouTube has introduced 4K videos within its platform. Now, people can enjoy watching many videos in 4K resolution by clicking the gear-shaped icon on the bottom left of the video window. And thanks to the development of 4K cameras, YouTube users can also make contributions to the increasing number of 4K videos by shooting and uploading 4K clips on their own accord. Yet, to our disappointment, there are fewer films, dramas or documentaries of 4K in YouTube than contents about natures and scenes.

NO 2. Vimeo

As one of the earliest video-sharing platforms to provide 4K videos, Vimeo is a big rival of YouTube in this aspect with top-notch encode technology. The Vimeo video is played in 4K resolution by default so it is very easy for you to watch it. Otherwise, press HD button to toggle 4K video playback. Similarly disadvantaged, Vimeo primarily offers 4K contents about landscape, animals, and plants.

NO 3. Netflix

To complement the disadvantages of the above two sites, Netflix makes some 4K movies available since its first 4K debut in releasing the second season of the House of Cards. It is predictable that Netflix will continue to roll in a large number of 4K ultra high definition films for a more brilliant visual experience of their audience.

With the above-detailed instructions, hope you can find more interesting videos in 4K UHD resolution of your liking and are able to download them to your laptop for smoother enjoyment with the help of VLC media player. If you have a recommendation about 4K video watching and downloading platforms and applications, you are welcomed to share with us.