Applying color filters to a video can dramatically alter the way an entire video looks and improve the expressiveness of the scene. With various filters, you can change the tone of the clip to adapt your creative ideas.

VideoSolo EditFUN offers rich color filter. Next, we will show how to add color to video clips with this professional video editing program.

How to Add Color and Edit the Color Effect

Step 1. Import Video to Timeline

After installed this program on your Windows PC, open it and import your video file to its library. Then add the files into timeline for further editing. You have two ways to finish the addition: click the "+" icon or drag it directly.

Step 2. Go to "Color" Window

Switch to "Color" window and a lots of color effect will shown.

Color Panel

Step 3. Select A Color and Add It

Select a video clip on the track that needs to add color effect, click on the "+" of color, or click the left mouse button on a certain color, and drag it onto a video clip, and then release the left mouse button. Now the color effect is added to the video clip.

Add Color

Tips: You can also drag the color effect onto the track to make the effect work on the entire track.

Step 4. Edit the Color Effect

Select the video clip that you have added color, click "Edit" in the edit bar. Or click the floating window "Edit the Effect" on the video clip that your added color. You'll come to the "Effect Template" window, where you can see the color effect you just added.

Note that you can adjust the parameters of the color on the right column. The parameters will change along with different color filter.

Edit Color

The checkbox to the left of the color name is selected by default, indicating that this color effect is using in the video. If you uncheck the box, then the color effect will become invalid. You can click the "x" next to the color name to delete the color effect.

Uncheck Color

Step 5. Preview the Color Effect

There is a preview window where you can preview any changes on the video in real-time. So, you can adjust the color effect according to what the preview window shows.


Now, we have finished adding a color filter to a video. To export this video, click the "export" button on the menu bar. To editing video with more awesome effect, learn from the guide below:

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