Here, we will show you how to add your media file to timeline for further editing and also how to delete the files step by step.

Now, open your VideoSolo EditFUN and follow the steps to start your own work. If you don't install the program yet, get the installation package below.

How to Add Media Files to Timeline for Editing

Click the "+" button on the file in the media library and then it will be added into the timeline. But this way will mark the cursor as the start position.

Add File to Track

Or you can directly drag it to any position in timeline.

Drag File to Timeline

How to Delete the Clips in Timeline

There are 2 different delete way to help you delete the clips you added in timeline. You can choose one according to your need.


Right-click on the clip you want to delete in timeline and select "Delete Edit" from pop-up menu.

Delete Clips

Delete and Indent:

Deleting the media using the way above will leave a gap in the timeline. If you want to both remove media and close the gap, use the "Delete and Indent".

Right click on the clip you need to remove and then select "Delete and Indent" to remove that clip but have the remaining media in the track move over to fill the empty space.

Delete and Indent

The deleting way of the "Delete" icon on the toolbar is the same as "Delete and Indent". And you can also use this way to delete the gaps on the timeline.

Delete and Indent

Do you get the method to add files and delete files in timeline when editing video by using VideoSolo EditFUN? If yes, give a thumb to the editors. Really thanks for your reading and support!