An easy way to polish a video is adding effect, filters or transitions to make it more impressive to others. To add special effect to video, a video editing program is must.

Here is a practical guide which helps you add awesome effects to your video. Trust me, you can discover a big and new world about video editing.

How to Add Effect on Video

As we said before, we need a video editor to help us add special effect to video creation. And VideoSolo EditFUN is that tool we use today. It has been designed for those who want to make videos more standout with impressive effects and creative options. Now download the free trial version and check the steps below.

Step 1. Import Video/Audio File

Click on "Import" button to add video/audio to the program. Select and drag the video you want to edit to the Timeline.

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Step 2. Open "Effect" Window

Switch to "Effect" window, there are mainly two kinds of effect: Video Effect and Audio Effect. First, read how to add effect to video and edit it.

• How to Add Effect

Select a clip in timeline and click "+" button on a effect to add it. Or directly drag and release it onto the clip. Note that the audio effect can be only applied into audio clips.

Add Effect

• How to Edit Effect

Click "Edit the effect" on the clip, you can see the effect just added into the "Effect Template" window. The left column shows the effect list added to this clip, while the right column shows the parameters of the selected effect on the left. Usually, each effect has its own attribute parameters.

Edit Effect


The checkbox in front of the effect is checked means that this effect is being used. If you uncheck the effect, this effect will become invalid. If you don't want this effect to be showed here, you can delete it by clicking the "x" to the right of the effect name.

Uncheck Effect

Step 3. Preview the Added Effect

Take a preview of the effect that you added on the clip. You can do any change if you don't satisfy with it.


Finally, you can continue to edit your video to make it more perfect. Or just select "Export" button to export the video you created.

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With VideoSolo EditFUN, you can easily make your own masterpiece without taking too much time. Why not give it a try?