First, this is a guide for how to add Text/Watermark to video when using VideoSolo EditFUN. But at present, EditFUN only allows you to add static text to video. So, this feature is very simple and you can't find too much text style in it.

The support team will work with it to provide more motion text styles. Now, we just show you how to use the "Static Text" feature in EditFUN.

If you haven't install the EditFUN on your computer, please get it from icon above and install it on your computer.

After installation, open the program and you'll see the main interface below. Check the introduction for the main interface.

Main Interface

The first step is importing your video to library and timeline for adding text.

1. Click "Import" button on the menu bar, double click in the library or drag the file to the library to import your files to library.

Import Media File

2. Click "+" icon or drag the file in library to timeline.

Drag File to Track

Now move to "Text" window, you can only find a kind of text style there.

Note: If you directly add the text into the clip, the text will replace the clip. So you have to put the text in a single track.

And there is a visual priority to the layers. The top most track will appear on top of any other video track. In other words, you need to put the text on the above of the video track.

Select a track, click on the "+" or drag the "Static Text" directly to the track, you can see that this text is successfully added to the track.

Add Subtitle

Drag Subtitle to Track

Add Subtitle successfully

You can double click on any of the text on the track to set the Text Properties; change fonts, text color, position, size, opacity, etc. in the pop-up window. You can see the real-time changes in the preview window.

Edit Subtitle

That's all the step to add text on video with VideoSolo EditFUN. Now this feature is not yet enough powerful, we will collect the suggestions from users and improve this program. So, if you have any problems or suggestions, leave it below or contact the support team via [email protected].