To tag a label on your own video by using a watermark, you don't even want to miss this article. What watermark benefits you? For one thing, you can enhance and personalize your own video when you add watermark to video. For another thing, watermark video can prohibit commercial use when you post the videos on the social networks like Facebook or YouTube, etc. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you 2 simple methods to add text/photo watermark to video. And after this, you will be willing to let others pass on your video from one person to another. Let's see which 2 methods can help us to accomplish that.

How to Add Text/Photo Watermark with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a program that you can convert video to diverse formats for playing on multiple devices. In addition, it is a powerful editor with functions like the watermark, clip, crop, etc. So there is no doubt that if you install the all-around software on your computer, you can fix most problems related to videos at one time. In other words, you can do everything easily as a pie via VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. So, what's next? Yes, a watermark is a thing that you need the most to claim your possession. And please do it as follows:

Step 1. Download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

To enable your works, please download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate from its official website. Plus, you can keep your devices away from attacking virus because it is the green software. Most importantly, follow the instructions to install the program, so you can make sure the program can work properly.

Step 2. Get Started by Adding File/Folder

After successfully installing the program, you can see an interface as below. As we can see, it is totally an easy-operated program. And what we need to do first is to click "Add File", getting the right file/video ready for the watermark.

Add Filest

Step 3. Put Watermark on Video

Tick the box to choose the video that you need to make a watermark so as to confirm your following action, only then can you see the button "Edit" in the right works. There are six basic functions for editing, and without doubt, click "Watermark" as it is our priority.

Ticking "Enable watermark", you get two choices to make the watermark. One is to input a text into the video as a watermark. In this part, you can design the "Font" all by yourself. Another is to input a picture. Whatever, it all depends on you that the area where you gonna put the watermark. Simply, you can just drag the text or picture anywhere in the video, or just adjust the number of the video, then you can click "Apply to All". If you get the watermark in a wrong way and want to rebuild a new one, click "Restore Defaults" to delete the fault. Stop it when you think the watermark is up to your satisfaction by going through the "Output Preview".

Enable Watermark

Step 4. Save Watermark Video

Now you can close the editing interface, come back to where we get started and preview your final work. When everything is good, the last step is to save the video to yourself. Before you save the video, you can choose the "Profile" to select an output format. Finally, click "Destination" to have your own choice to save the video with a watermark.

Set Profile and Save Video

It is all about the steps to add text/photo watermark to video via VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. As we can see, it is very simple to do that. And if you want to know other ways to do that, please read below.

How to Add Text/Photo Watermark with Windows Movie Maker

Apart from VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, you can also use another program - Windows Movie Maker to add watermark to video. Here are the procedures:


Step 1. Download the Program

Follow the installing instructions and download it step by step.

Step 2. Run Windows Movie Maker

After opening the program, you can click "Video" and "Import" the video. Or you can press Ctrl+I on the keyboard to do that.

Step 3. Add to Timeline

Drag the video to the timeline, and find "Title and Credits" in the "Edit" menu. And one more click on "Title on the Selected Clip" for editing.

Add to Timeline

Step 4. Add watermark

Choose the right place for the watermark, and input the text or words on the video. In this part, you can also do something with the watermark by clicking "Change the Text font and Color".

Add Watermark

Step 5. Add to Title

Click on the button "Add Title" if you are satisfied with your watermark.

Add Title

Step 6. Save Video

Check the preview file and if it is good, click "File" then "Publish Movie". And we're done.

It's all that the watermark to a video. And we recommend 2 methods to add watermark here. As mentioned above, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a useful and functional program, so don't be hesitate to install one. Or you can also choose Windows Movie Maker to do that. From now on, you can post any videos with the watermark added freely.