To tag a label on your own video by using a watermark, you can't miss this tutorial. What watermark benefits you? For one thing, you can enhance and personalize your own video. For another thing, watermark video can prohibit commercial use when you post the videos on social networks like Facebook or YouTube, etc. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you a simple method to add text watermark or photo watermark to the video.

How to Add Text/Photo Watermark to Video with One-click

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a program that you can convert video to diverse formats. In addition, it is a powerful video editor with functions like the adding text/photo watermark, clipping, cropping, etc. So, there is no doubt that if you install this all-around software on your computer, you can fix most problems related to videos at one time.

Its function in adding watermark is so powerful and extremely easy to use. It can add text watermark and then customize its font, font style, size, effects, and writing system. You can also add any picture to the converter as your photo watermark. For both the text watermark and the photo watermark, VideoSolo enables you to adjust the area, size, and transparency.

Step 1. Download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

To enable your works, please download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate from its official website or the above button. Follow the instructions to install the program, so you can make sure the program can work properly.

Step 2. Get Started by Adding Video File

After successfully installing the program, you can see an interface as below. As we can see, it is totally an easy-operated program. And what we need to do first is to click "Add Files", getting the right video ready for adding text or photo watermark.

Add Video File

Step 3. Put Text or Photo Watermark on Video

Select the video that you need to make a watermark, only then can you see the button "Edit" works. There are six basic functions for editing, and without doubt, click "Watermark" as it is our priority.

Add Text or Photo Watermark

Ticking "Enable watermark", you get two choices to make the watermark. One is to input a text into the video as a watermark. In this part, you can design the font and color. Another is to input a picture. Whatever it all depends on you. Simply, you can just drag the text or the picture anywhere in the video, or just adjust the value of the watermark, then you can click "Apply". Click on "Close" when you think the watermark is up to your satisfaction by going through the "Output Preview".

Step 4. Save the Video that Added Watermark

Now you can come back to where we get started and preview your final work. When everything is good, the last step is to save the video to your computer. You can click the "Convert All to" bar to select an output format and then click the big "Convert All" button.

Output Added Watermark Video

It is all about the steps to add text/photo watermark to video via VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. As we can see, it is very simple to do that. So, don't be hesitate to install one. From now on, you can post any videos with the watermark added freely.

Bonus Tips: If you not only want to add a watermark for your video but also have the intention to edit video in multiple tracks, you can also try EditFUN. It is a powerful video editor, which has the ability to add text watermark or add a photo on the above track to be a photo watermark.

Add Text Watermark to the Video

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