The fast-motion/slow-motion effect is usually used in movie and TV shows to create a different playback effect. The slow motion effect can highlight memorable moments, funny thing, sport shots or even failed acts, while the fast motion effect can make video dramatic or funny. Also, you can speed up the video to make the video shorter.

So, here we will share a good video editor for you to help you speed up or slow down a videowith few steps.

Note: You can also change the playback speed of audio with this way.

Introduction of the Video Editor

The tool we are going to use to adjust the playback speed is VideoSolo EditFUN. It's a intuitive and powerful video editor for both professional and amateur. You can rotate, trim, crop video with the basic editing functions. Moreover, it offers multiple effect, color and transitions which can make your video more interesting.

You can get the installation package below to have a try.

Next, we will show you how to adjust the speed with VideoSolo EditFUN.

Step 1. Import the Video/Audio

The first step is importing file that you want to speed up/slow down into the program by clicking "Import" button.

After that, you need to add the video to timeline by dragging and dropping.

Step 2. Open "Properties" Window to Adjust Speed

Select the video/audio you want to change speed in timeline > Click on "Edit" icon on toolbar > switch to "Properties" window > Find "Speed" option.

Adjust Speed

The default value is 1, which mean the normally speed. To speed up the video, you can increase the value. To slow down the video, just decrease the value of the speed.

Step 3. Preview the Effect

As you don't know how to select the exact value to adjust the speed, you can preview the video/audio in the preview panel.


If you only need to adjust the speed of a short clip, you can trim the file to get a short clip then adjust its speed with the same steps above.

For more editing tutorial, go to the user guide of VideoSolo EditFUN.