You may ever feel confused about playback problems of AVCHD video on certain devices. Now a feasible solution has pushed forward: using an AVCHD to MP4 Converter.

Jointly developed by Panasonic and Sony, AVCHD format gains extensive exposure to camcorder use. Generally, AVCHD videos present resolution with high definition including 1080p, 1080i and 720p. Better off, AVCHD videos can be burned to a standard DVD disc, of which the product is conducive to Blu-ray disc player. However, not all device hold support for AVCHD format so that converting AVCHD to MP4 turns out to be an alternative solution. In the following part, a few practical AVCHD to MP4 Converters are involved for your consideration.

Recommended AVCHD to MP4 Converter

The first choice on the list is VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. As a professional video converter, this software handles AVCHD-to-MP4 conversion with great finesse that you can watch AVCHD videos regardless of device restriction. Provided users' require of video fine tuning, it offers exquisite functions like basic editing capacity (including clip, crop, rotate, watermark, etc,), and video enhance, etc. Otherwise, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate agrees to convert AVCHD to MP4 on both Windows and Mac at an efficient 6X faster speed.

Tips: How to Convert AVCHD to MP4 With VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate?

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Download and install the exact version of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. After that, double-click the software icon to launch it.

Step 2. Add AVCHD Video Files

You can see "Add Files" option on the top bar of the main page. Click it and choose the AVCHD videos that you want to convert. If you're tired of finding the file, just open the designated video file and directly drag them to the main page. You can import multiple files at one time.

Add Files

Step 3. Decide MP4 as Output Format

Click "Profile" option at the bottom and decide up "MPEG-4 Video" in the popup list. Also you can click "Settings" button to change some basic parameters like bitrate, frame rate, etc. It would save some time if you can determine the output destination by clicking "Browse" button in advance.

General Video

Step 4. Convert AVCHD to MP4

The red "Convert" button is on the right corner. Once the AVCHD-to-MP4 conversion gets started, you just need a few minutes to see the results in the output folder.

Converted Video

Now you have managed to convert AVCHD videos to MP4. Frankly speaking, this VideoSolo AVCHD Converter will give you high-quality converted files with just four simple steps. Next, let's turn to something more about AVCHD Converter.

Free AVCHD to MP4 Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a free and reliable AVCHD to MP4 Converter. This video converter embrace changes to 300+ video/audio formats including AVCHD to MP4. As such, you can play processed AVCHD videos on any popular devices that you like. You're also encouraged to customize some parameters like self-editing the opening and ending part, adjusting video effects and so forth. By the way, a succinct vision and easy-to-handle operations are seen in the both Windows and Mac versions.

Online AVCHD to MP4 Converter

Some may seek for online methods to get AVCHD movies transformed and watchable. A useful online AVCHD to MP4 Converter is recommended for your information: the Free Online Video Converter. According to its supported formats, this online converter provides access to converting AVCHD to MP4. Pay attention that you need to use a valid e-mail to receive the converted videos within a merely three-day-long shelf life.

Free Online Video Converter

If you are caught off guard by frustrated AVCHD playback failures, a faithful AVCHD to MP4 Converter is the right choice to help you out. It's pleasant that these three ways above to convert AVCHD to MP4 can smoothly get your problems solved