With the extensive application of VR technology, we are able to immerse ourselves in a more vivid and impressive atmosphere when watching VR videos. In the wake of the VR entertainment, chasing for a handy VR video player have sprung up naturally as a new trend. As a response, you're appreciated to explore more details on the following list of the best VR video players in 2018.

VR Gesture Player (for Android Device)

If you are accustomed to watch videos on an Android device, consider VR Gesture Player. As a professional VR video player, this software plays out for a highlight of gesture control. The realization of VR experience is arrived in virtue of phone camera, gyroscope sensor and the related keywords. Your finger is like a virtual mouse that just waving a finger on the virtual menu can be rapidly identified by the software for the next move. It holds support for 2D videos in SBS with VR headsets, 360/3D videos in SBS and Top-Bottom as well as YouTube online videos.

VR Gesture Player

FreeVRPlayer (for Android and iOS Device)

A great benefit of FreeVRPlayer is that it is light to save space for more large-capacity VR videos on your device. More than a mere VR video player, it allows streaming and downloading VR videos from the web, and performs excellently as an entrance to the 360° VR reality world. It won't take you too much effort to be acquainted with the FreeVRPlayer so as to help you actively participate in the virtual action. iOS users can easily download the software from the App Store. An available version is obtainable off the Google Play search.


VR Player (for Android, iOS and Windows)

So far VR Player has won massive regular supporters to play VR videos on Windows, iOS and Android. With free services for VR headsets like Oculus Rift, accesses to 2D, 3D SBS, 3D Top/Bottom Videos and even 360 degree videos are easily within the reach of VR fans via the software. Moreover, VR Player Free has taken projections methods such as Sphere, Dome, and Cube, etc., into account attentively for a realistic 360 Degree Imax theater experience. Search for it on Google Play, App Store and Play Store and try to use this Android VR video player now.

VR Player Free

Kolor Eyes (for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and HTML5)

Kolor Eyes has been around in the rank of best free VR 360 video players. Agree to Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and HTML5, this VR video player presents VR videos watching up to 8K plus finest resolution at 360 degrees, and give pleasant backing to 360° videos interaction via the headset. To delight users with various VR video enhances, Kolor Eyes allows spectators' engagement in turning at 360 degrees, zooming in and out, changing the projection and applying visual effects. You can directly go to the official website and select one fit for your device or PC.

Kolor Eyes

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate (Make VR Available for All)

Some might dream and cast unusual fervent on seeking out an effort-saving solution that they can turn the common videos at hand into the fanciful VR ones on their own. Frankly speaking, the way out is accessible and within everyone's reach. The recipe for it is to convert common videos to VR ones in 3D format. Next, you are introduced to a powerful video converter, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, for a further understanding.

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate holds strong capacity for getting VR videos with a series of simple steps. In favor of user-friendly design, the software leaves you a clear mind of its various functions and operations at a glance of the simple interface. Besides VR video conversion, you can also throw changes to video effect like clip, crop, rotate, watermark and so forth. Surprisingly, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate acts perfectly as a VR video converter that it works on a great many audio & video formats to be changed into VR videos in 3D format. In this way, you can convert most video formats to VR so as to play them with a vivid three-dimensional effect.

Here are four simple steps to help you get 3D videos.

1. Download and install VideoSoloVideo Converter Ultimate for Mac or Windows.

2. Click "Add File" to add the selected common videos to the software.

3. Click "Profile" option and select "3D Video". In the popup list, select one format at your require.

4. Click "Convert" button.

In few minutes you can see the new VR videos in the default file. Then you can successfully play VR videos on any common media player following with the gorgeous visual amusement.

VideoSolo Convert Video to 3d

Now you have a motley collection of best VR video players on the mind. It's high time that you decide a satisfying VR video player to try it on your own. Certainly you will have an unforgettable VR watching experience with the help of these best VR video players in 2018.