Though the resolution isn't the only aspect of picture quality, it is still important. Most people will easily notice and find the differences between a high-resolution movie and a low-resolution one.

Along with the release of HD TV, Blu-ray came out to save high-resolution media content. So what's the resolution of Blu-ray disc? Read the details below:

Answer: Resolution of Blu-ray Disc

From the Blu-ray definition, we know that Blu-ray disc is capable of storing hours of video in high resolution (720p and 1080p) and Ultra high-definition resolution (2160p, also known as 4K).

At first, we will talk about the difference between Blu-ray 720p and Blu-ray 1080p. 1080p (1920 * 1080 pixels) is a higher resolution than 720p (366 * 768 pixels). Most Blu-ray movies are 1080p, the exceptions usually being TV shows. The reason why there are Blu-ray 720p is that people need hardware good enough to play 1080p. But some people can't see the difference between 1080 and 720. And usually, the file size is smaller with 720p to make them easier to save and share.

The popularity of higher resolution screens has rapidly increased in the past few years. The stream services were first to upgrade to 4K, but Blu-ray and newer game consoles support it as well. So, there comes to the Ultra HD Blu-ray video format. It will support 4K UHD (3840x2160 resolution) video at frame rates up to 60 frames per second.

Which Blu-ray Resolution Should I Get?

There's no denying Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K TVs are luxuries, but they're luxuries worth having. And if you want the absolute best possible picture from your 4K TV, Ultra HD Blu-ray is where you'll find it.

But if you don't seek for the extraordinary video-watching experience, 720p and 1080p are the best choices for you. As we said previously, people probably won't be able to tell the difference between Blu-ray 720p and Blu-ray 1080p. But, the Blu-ray 720p will be played more smoothly than 1080p on most of the devices.

DVD vs Blu-ray VS 4K: Comparison and Difference

What do I Need to Watch Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs?

4K UHD Blu-ray Disc

You need three things: an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, an Ultra HD TV, and an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc.

The first 4K TVs went on sale back in 2012, but it wasn't until 2016 that the first 4K Blu-ray players from Samsung and Panasonic went on sale. To get a 4K TV is easy, but there are a few tips for you.

• You'll need to make sure your TV supports at least the HDMI 2.0 standard.

• You'd better get an HDR-ready TV because HDR requires TVs that can display more colors and have a higher peak brightness.

In the current market, there are few 4K Blu-ray players to choose from.

• Panasonic DMP-UB900 - £600.00

• Panasonic DMP-UB700 - £399.99

• Samsung UBD-K8500 - £429.00

• Samsung UBD-K8500 - £429.00

And, the Microsoft's Xbox One S game console also has a UHD Blu-ray drive. It was the first game console to be compatible with 4K Blu-ray discs, and the price is at around £300. This is one of the cheapest ways to get a taste of 4K Blu-ray disc.

Tips: Can I Play Blu-ray Disc on Computer?

Have you ever thought to play the Blu-ray discs on your computer with lossless quality? If yes, I am sure you'll fall in love with the VideoSolo Blu-ray Player. VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is specially designed for helping people enjoy Blu-ray movies on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to play Blu-ray disc/Blu-ray/Blu-ray ISO files and 1080p HD videos and even 4K videos without Blu-ray region limitation. And this program offers full playback control, which allows you to choose the subtitles audio tracks, titles, etc. at will. Now you can free download the trial version below:

Step 1. Connect External Blu-ray Drive

Connect an external Blu-ray drive with your computer and then insert the Blu-ray disc into it. Now launch the VideoSolo Blu-ray player. On the main interface, choose the "Open Disc" button to load Blu-ray disc to VideoSolo.

Load Blu-ray Disc

Step 2. Select the Audio Track/Subtitle

After loading, you will see a menu on the interface, where allows you to select your favorite audio tracks, subtitles, etc.

Select the Audio Track/Subtitle

Step 3. Watch Blu-ray Movies Now

When you finish all the settings, click on the "Play Movie" button to start watching the Blu-ray movies with original video/audio quality.

Play Blu-ray Disc

If you have more questions about the resolution of Blu-ray discs, you can leave it below or contact via email. Thanks for reading! Below is the video tutorai to help you watch Blu-ray movies easier.