iMovie is more and more popular among Mac users, as everyone can create and edit a wonderful video by using iMovie with a few easy steps. After you finish making videos, where would you like to save them, Mac, iPhone, iPad or other devices? Have you ever thought about saving your videos on a DVD so that you can share with your families and friends on a big screen? If you want to do that, you need to burn iMovie to DVD at first. In this essay, you will find how to burn iMovie to DVD by using the best two methods, VideoSolo DVD Creator, and iDVD.

Part 1. Using iDVD to Burn iMovie to DVD

If you still use an old version of Mac OS, you may find iDVD in your Mac as it is part of Apple's iLife software suite. Then just follow a few steps below to burn iMovie to DVD.

Step 1. Transfer iMovie to iDVD

After you finish editing iMovie videos, find and click "Share" icon on the menu. Then select the "iDVD" option, the iMovie videos will be transferred to iDVD automatically.

Transfer iMovie to iDVD

Step 2. Start Burning iMovie to DVD

Insert a blank DVD disc into DVD-ROM before burning. When iDVD finish loading your video from iMovie, you can change settings such as selecting themes, adding text and so on. After all settled, click the "Play" or "Burn" icon to start burning.

Star Burning iMovie to DVD

Part 2. Using VideoSolo DVD Creator to Burn iMovie to DVD

Though you can burn iMovie to DVD by using iDVD with easy steps, iDVD is disconnected from Mac OS X10.7 and other later versions. Then without iDVD, how to burn iMovie video to DVD? VideoSolo DVD Creator can help you.

As one of the best ways to burn iMovie to DVD, VideoSolo DVD Creator has some key features as below:

a. Burn various formats of videos to DVD without losing quality;

b. Edit videos by rotating, cropping, trimming, adjusting the brightness and more;

c. Customize DVD menu and add background music;

d. Preview DVD project before burning;

e. Download online videos.

As VideoSolo DVD Creator has so many features, don't hesitate to click the download button below to download and install VideoSolo DVD Creator.

How to burn iMovie video to DVD by VideoSolo DVD Creator:

Step 1. Transfer iMovie Videos

Before burning iMovie videos to DVD, you need to transfer iMovie videos to Mac first. Open your iMovie project file, click "Share" icon and then you can find and select "Export Movie" option from "File" menu.

Transfer iMovie Videos

Edit the title of iMovie videos, select location to save and set the movie parameters including format type, resolution and quality. After all settled, just click "Next" to transfer videos to Mac.

Step 2. Register VideoSolo DVD Creator

Download, install and open the VideoSolo DVD Creator. With a free trial version, you can only use it for 3 times in 30 days and are not allowed to download online menu templates and get free technical support. So in order to have a better experience for burning iMovie videos to DVD, I strongly recommend you to purchase and register VideoSolo DVD Creator before using it.


Step 3. Add and Edit iMovie Videos

Click one of the "Add Media Files" icon at the middle interface upper-left corner to transfer iMovie videos to the program.

Add iMovie Videos

If you would like to add some special effects to videos, find "Magic Stick" icon at the right side of each video, then click it to edit the video including rotating, cropping, trimming, adjusting the brightness, adding filter and watermark.

Edit iMovie Videos

In addition, you are free to change basic parameters of DVD disc including Disc type, aspect ratio, and video quality by selecting the parameters in the bottom of the main interface and click "subtitles" option next to "Magic Stick" to enter the subtitle.

Add and Edit Subtitle

Step 4. Customize DVD Menu for iMovie Videos

Press "Next" icon at the bottom right corner to edit your DVD menu. At the left side, you will find many menu templates in various styles such as holiday, wedding, family, travel and so on, just select one as your menu and change the title subject as you like. Besides, you can add background music & opening film to your videos and change background at the bottom.

Customize DVD Menu

Step 5. Start Burning iMovie to DVD

Insert a blank DVD disc into DVD-ROM before start burning, then click on "Next" icon at the bottom right corner. You can save output folder in DVD or DVD ISO file and set TV standard as you like. When all settled, just click "Start" in the lower right corner to burn iMovie to DVD.

Burn iMovie to DVD

Part 3. Comparison Between iDVD and VideoSolo DVD Creator

As iDVD and VideoSolo DVD Creator are the best two ways to burn iMovie to DVD, you may be confused about which one you should choose, so I hereby make a comparison between iDVD and VideoSolo DVD Creator for your reference.

FeaturesiDVDVideoSolo DVD Creator
Burn DVDYes, but it only supports limited video formats.Yes, it can support almost all popular video formats.
Edit videosYes, edit by iMovie.Yes, you can add various effects and watermark.
Add background musicNo.Yes.
Convert videosNo.Yes, it can convert videos into various formats.
Preview your DVD project before burningNo.Yes.
Download online videoNo.Yes, download videos by entering network links.

As you can see the table above, I highly advise you burn iMovie to DVD by using VideoSolo DVD Creator because VideoSolo DVD Creator has more functions and features than iDVD.