"I have downloaded a lot of movies that are in MP4 formats. When I play these movies with QuickTime, I couldn't hear the sound. Can anyone tell me why?"

"I am a video-shooting fancier and I usually shoot video with my Canon camcorder. But usually, the audio soundtrack of these videos are in AC3 format. How can I change the AC3 soundtrack to AAC without changing the video format?"

There are times when we want to play our MKV/MP4 video but the sound cannot be heard. That's because media players like QuickTime as well as devices like iPad, iPhone don't support the AC3 soundtrack. These media players or devices can play video in an AAC audio format. If you want to play video with audio in AC3 soundtrack through devices above, you gotta try to convert the AC3 audio format to AAC audio format first. At this moment, some people may ask:

"How can we convert audio in MKV/MP4 video from AC3 to AAC even without changing the video format?"

Adjust AC3 to AAC For Video Playing

Actually, there are many AC3 to AAC converters you can find online. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, the software we are going to introduce today, is no exception. This converter can convert audio in AC3 format to AAC format while retaining the original video format.

In addition, a three-hundred-format choice can also meet your need to convert AC3 to FLAC, MP3, MP2, M4A etc. And the point is that you can just convert the audio track without changing the video format.

No matter you are converting your AC3 audio to AAC, or converting video to other formats, its 6X conversion speed will definitely satisfy you as well as save you much time. Even after conversion, your audio or video won't get any damages. You can still get a high definition video with good sound after conversion.

How to Convert Audio in MP4/MKV from AC3 to AAC

Since we have an overall understanding of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, let's see how it works when we need to convert AC3 soundtrack to AAC.

Step 1. Install the Converter

If you want to convert your audio formats, you gotta get a powerful converter first. Download and install the proper version of this converter on your PC. Please launch it after installation.

Step 2. Import Your MKV/MP4 Video with AC3 Soundtrack

When the panel pops up, click "Add File(s)" to import your wanted file(s). You can also just drag and drop the target file to the interface.

Import Files

Step 3. Set the Audio Setting

Click the "Settings" button and try to change the data of Audio Settings to change AC3 audio to AAC for better enjoying videos, also sample rate, bitrate and so on are provided with further improvements.

Profile Settings

Step 4. Click to Convert

Click the "Convert" button to convert your AC3 soundtrack to AAC format. And soon you will get video with an AAC audio format.

Converting Video

Do More About Your MKV Videos

Follow the steps above, with a few clicks, you can convert your audio in MKV/MP4 video from AC3 to AAC. Moreover, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate has two powerful functions as well.

First One: Edit Function

Some people like to edit their MXF video files before converting the format. Its edit functions include rotating, cropping and clipping videos. It also supports adding your own watermark on your video for copyright-protection. Moreover, you can enjoy multi video enhancement such as upscaling resolution, optimizing the brightness and contrast, remove the noise and so on. Does that sound interesting? With this converter, you can make it come true!


Second One: Turn 2D Video to 3D

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate supports turning 2D video to a 3D video. By clicking the "3D" button, you can try to select an anaglyph effect and apply it to your video. You can also split the screen of your video according to your need. With its help, you can enjoy a 3D video at home as well.


As a professional video converter, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is definitely reliable and trustable. Try to get your own one and have a try!