Most of us may have some Blu-ray videos or DVDs with AC3 audios. What if we want to rip the audios to MP3 so that we can listen to them on our mobile devices whenever and wherever we want? What can we do to convert the AC3 audios to MP3, an audio format that all the mobile devices support? Don't worry, this post will teach you to step by step to convert AC3 to MP3 with VideoSolo Free Video Converter. First, let's get to know something about AC3.

Information about AC3

AC-3 means Audio Coding 3. In fact, AC3 is a compression method developed by Dolby Labs. Its main function is to help create Dolby Digital audio on DVD, Blu-ray, and other digital video formats. As AC3 plays a huge part in creating this Dolby Digital audio, many begin to call the audio AC3 audio or AC3 format.

AC3 audio is a surround sound with little loss and high quality. As one of the supported audio codec of the ASTC standard, it has been commonly used on DVDs and HDTV. But this audio format has less compatibility. Due to the restriction of Dolby Lab, AC3 audio can only be played on specified players or devices like a DVD player. When this happens, many tend to convert AC3 to MP3, another audio format which has both higher sound quality and better compatibility.

Convert AC3 to MP3 with VideoSolo Free Video Converter

There are many posts sharing different converters online. These converters either requires a payment or requires a complicated process to download or convert the audios.

Here, we recommend you the VideoSolo Free Video Converter. Through this software, you can not only convert AC3 to MP3 in a freeway but also convert it in very short time. Spend only a few minutes to download it, you can convert all the AC3 audios to MP3 audios that can be played on all your devices or can be edited on all software. Now let's see the quick guide to convert AC3 to MP3 with this VideoSolo Free Video Converter.

Step 1. Add AC3 File to the Program

Click "Add File" button of the program to open the source AC3 file.

Add Files

Step 2. Select Output Format and Output Folder

Click drop-down button of the program to select the output format from "General Audio" and select the output folder. Click the "Convert" button and start converting AC3 to MP3.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Complete the Conversion process

Click the "Completed" button after the conversion and find the file from the output folder.

Complete the Process

See, VideoSolo Free Video Converter takes only 3 steps to convert AC3 to MP3. With a few seconds, the songs in AC3 format go to your mobile phones where you can listen at any time. What is more, this converter also converts other video or audio formats like AC3 to AAC, DTS, ALAC, WAV, FLAC, WMA, M4A, M4B, APE, AU, AUD, AIFF, AIFC, CAF, VOC, VOX, WTV, etc.

Convert AC3 Movies with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

We can convert AC3 to MP3 when the devices or players do not support the AC3 audio. What if the video we watch is in AC3 audio? We download the movies or TV series on our PC or mobile phones but find that the videos are voiceless due to the restrictions of AC3 format on our devices or players. How to deal with that?

Same with the audios, you need to convert AC3 format but with the different software VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. Open the software, add the AC3 videos, click the button 'Settings' to choose the audio format you want to have in the audio column. With few seconds, your AC3 videos would become videos with sound.

Turn to VideoSolo Free Video Converter, it is the powerful software that can help realize many conversions of videos and audios for free. Also, don't forget VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate if you want to enjoy editing video or enhancing video quality.