ASX is a file extension for a Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector Windows Media metafile format. It is used to store information on servers and media files for streaming video and audio over the Internet. Open up the ASX file using Notepad, you will see similar content as follow:

ASX File Notepad

The URL is thereal media file that Windows Media Player plays. If you want to play it without network or Windows Media Player, a recommended solution is downloading and converting ASX to MP3 - the most popular format. The following article will introduce a step by step guide on how to convert ASX stream to MP3 on Windows/Mac.

Best ASX Converter - VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter makes it convenient to convert ASX files to the widely used and highly supported MP3 format. It offers batch conversion of entire folders and subfolders at a rapid conversion speed and several other customizable settings. Try it and you will find the interface quite simple and friendly. Now let's focus on how to convert ASX to MP3.

Step 1. Download and Installation

Click the above download button for Mac/Windows and install.

Step 2. Launch VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Now, open the converter and you can see the main interface.


Step 3. Add ASX Files

You can hit the "Add File(s)" button or inverted triangular to choose files, and you may also drag files into the interface, in this way, it allows you to convert formats in batch conversion mode.

Add Files

Step 4. Edit Video with Opening and Ending Title

Click the "Edit" icon and an editing panel will pop up, now you can choose a theme from various templates, then go to next step to edit opening and ending. After all is done, you can preview it.

Select Video Opening Theme

Step 5. Select Output Format

Go and find the bottom drop-down button to set MP3 output format.

Choose Video Format

Step 6. Change the Output Folder Path

The output folder is chosen by default, but you can click the "…" icon to select other destination folders. In addition, you can use "Merge into one file" setting to merge some video files into one file after conversion.

Select Output Folder

Step 7. Start ASX Conversion

When the output format and folder are set, click the big orange "Convert" button and then the converter will finish the rest of the work automatically. It will take a few minutes.

Converting Video

Convert ASX to MP3 on VLC Media Player

VLC is a popular Media Player for playing video, audio or music files. Apart from that, you can also use it to convert ASX file to MP3 with ease. Here you can have a look at the simple step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Launch the VLC media player, Click "Media" tab from main menu and select "Open Network Stream".

Select Open Network Stream

Step 2. Use Notepad or other text editors to open an ASX file and copy the URL of the media file.


Step 3. Paste the copied URL in the Network Protocol section and click "Play".


Step 4. After the file has loaded and started to play, go to the "Media" tab and click "Convert / Save" (or use CTRL+R key combination).

Click Media to Convert

Step 5. Wait for Open Media window to pop out and go to the "Network" tab, paste the previous URL again (or click the inverted triangle to find the correct remembered URL) and then click on the "Convert / Save" button..


Step 6. Choose MP3 as the output format, browse or enter the full path to the destination output file, and click on "Start" button.

Choose MP3 Output

Convert ASX to MP3 Online

CoolUtils is a free ASX to MP3 online converter. It is easier to get your MP3 file in seconds without any fee or registration.

Step 1. Open your Internet browser and access CoolUtils.

Step 2. Click on "Select files" and you will see three options 'From local computer', 'From google drive' and 'From dropbox'. Choose an option and navigate to your ASX file, then upload it.

Step 3. In the "Set convert options" section, Select MP3 output format, and you can also set optional settings: Sample rate, Channels and Bitrate.

Step 4. Hit the "DOWNLOAD CONVERTED FILE" button to get your MP3 file.

ASX to MP3 Cooiutils

The aforementioned solutions to convert ASX to MP3, each has its own merits. VideoSolo Free Video Converter, the professional free ASX to MP3 video converter for Mac/Windows offers the widest codecs support with the fastest conversion speed and high quality. If you convert a few files occasionally, online converter is fabulous for you. But you have to bear the slow conversion speed and annoying ads, banners and other webpage junk. In addition, the VLC media player is the must-mention software that can make conversion easy and seamless. The only downside is that the output MP3 quality is decreased after decoding and encoding process.