Practical Ways to Convert AVI to MP4 in Windows/Mac

By Karen Nelson Last updated : July 15, 2020

AVI is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft in the 90s. Develop up to now, it has good compatibility and powerful in encapsulating codecs. But sometimes, AVI video can be extremely large in size. That's not so good for publishing online and will cost much storage space on your laptop.

Well, if convert AVI to MP4 with an effective video converter, you may find the reduction in file size but the quality maintains. MP4 is as popular as AVI even better in terms of compatibility. It is perfect for playing on the computer, mobile or uploading to the network. So, if you would like to know the ways of converting AVI to MP4, just keep reading.

The Most Effective Program for Converting AVI to MP4

To convert AVI to MP4, first, make sure to find a useful converter that can transcode your AVI video to MP4 file structure (such as H.264+AAC) with .mp4 file extension. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is such an effective video converter that I want to recommend. The operating process is extremely simple. Let me give an example. If you want to convert AVI to MP4 that optimized for uploading to YouTube, you just need to select "YouTube" and choose one preset profile as the output profile, like HD 1080P with H.264 encoder. This program offers rich preset profiles just like this.

In a word, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a wonderful one-stop tool to convert video/audio, simply edit the video and enhance video quality at a faster speed. You can experience it with the trial version.

# Step 1. Add AVI File to the Program

Click the "Add Files" button to open the file browser, and then choose the AVI file. In addition, you can add multiple files at one time, because VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate allows you to batch convert.

Add AVI File

# Step 2. Choose MP4 as the Output Format

Click the down arrow of "Convert All to", you will see a pop-up window shows multiple format selections. You can locate at "Video" and select the "MP4" tab to choose one preset profile you want. Another easy way is that you can locate "Device" and select your device brand tab to find your device model, such as Apple iPhone11, and then choose one profile to convert. Alternatively, you can directly use the search box to look for the corresponding output format, this is more convenient.

Choose the MP4 Format

# Step 3. Edit Video (Optional)

Back to the main interface, there are many things you can do before converting AVI to MP4. You can select one of the videos to clip and edit it with the built-in tools, such as "Rotate & Crop", "Effect & Filter", "Watermark", "Audio", and "Subtitle", You will see the preview window when you edit the video, which is for viewing the exported video ahead of time.

Edit Video Before Conversion

# Step 4. Start Converting AVI to MP4 Format

After making sure all files added and output formats chosen properly, you can now click the "Convert All" button to start converting AVI to MP4. The conversion will finish automatically in moments. When the conversion is complete, you can go to the "Converted" tab to view the converted MP4 videos.

Convert AVI to MP4

Convert AVI to MP4 Using VLC Media Player

Here I want to introduce another method to convert AVI to MP4 for your reference. You've probably heard of VLC, as it is one of the most famous open source media players. But, do you know that VLC can also act as a video converter? Here, I would like to show you how to convert AVI to MP4 with VLC Media Player. Now, see the detailed steps below.

# Step 1. Click on "Convert/Save" to Activate the Converter

Free download and open VLC Media Player to show the main interface. At the top menu, click on "Media" > "Convert/Save" to activate "the Open Media" window.

Click the Convert Button in VLC

# Step 2. Add AVI File to VLC Media Player

Click on "Add" to transform the AVI file that you want to convert to MP4, and then click "Convert/Save" to enter into the "Convert" window.

Add FLV File to VLC

# Step 3. Choose the MP4 Output Profile & Output Folder

You can choose MP4 as the output format from the "Profile" drop-down list. And then click the "Browse" icon to find a destination to save the converted MP4 file.

Set Output Profile and Folder

# Step 4. Start to Convert AVI to MP4

Finally, you can click the "Start" button at the same window to start converting AVI to MP4. After the conversion process is finished, you can find the converted file in the output path that you've selected before.

Start to Convert AVI to MP4

For my own part, I have tried to convert an AVI video to MP4, and the exported file was still with .avi extension. I also tried converting MOV to MP4 before, the converted MP4 video was no audio, only image. VLC is free, that's good, but maybe not that professional in the field of video conversion.

From the points above, we can view that each of the video conversion tools has its own pros and cons. You can choose one of them as you like. Surely, if you pay great attention to the output quality and the effectiveness, then VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can be the most effective and best method to convert AVI to MP4 while keeping its original quality.