How could I change my AVI video files to MPEG files with high quality? Is there anyone who knows one free AVI to MPEG program to solve the trouble? Thanks a lot.

Do there exist one effective means for me to convert my favorite AVI videos to MPEG files for distributing on DVD discs? Any advice would be appreciated.

The problems above seem a little annoying if you happen to meet them. Before you address these issues directly, you may need to know the specific reason why you need to convert AVI to MPEG.

Many people want to create MPEG files from AVI source video files for various purposes. The most common one is to play AVI movies on the DVD player. Therefore, you may need to convert them to MPEG that DVD player support. Next, I would like to introduce more about below.

Reasons to Convert AVI to MPEG

AVI distinguished itself by its strong flexibility and compatibility. Many devices and media players like Window media player support the playback AVI video files. In stark contrast to its merits, there are some shortcomings involved to which you shouldn't turn a blind eye. For instance, AVI file usually comes in large size file that makes it inconvenient to store them easily.

Unlike AVI file, MPEG file has earned its reputation for a smaller file size when it has the same quality. In addition to that, another indispensable factor that should not be overlooked is that the MPEG file is perfectly supported by most DVD players. That's the reason exactly that impel you to convert AVI to MPEG file(including MPEG-1, MPEG-2(for burning to DVD), MPEG-4 (MP4) etc.)

Part 2. Simple yet Effective Way to Convert AVI to MPEG

(1) Best Free AVI to MPEG Video Converter

As mentioned above, you aspire to convert AVI to MPEG video file, here you may learn one simple yet useful solution to accomplish the task. Widely known as one popular free AVI to MPEG Video Converter, VideoSolo Free Video Converter sets itself apart from the competition by its fast conversion speed and high quality.

Different from some other free online service, which you would get the final result with disappointed quality or annoying watermark, VideoSolo Free Video Converter lifted you out of anxiety about these unpleasant things.

Surely, free AVI to MPEG conversion tool could help you to convert AVI file to some other popular video formats like MP4, MOV and so on. The all-in-one program is one good helper for you to convert AVI to MPEG-1, convert AVI to MPEG-2, and convert AVI to MPEG-4. Below the guide, we would like to focus on how to convert AVI to MPEG-2 (DVDs) easily.

(2) How to Convert AVI to MPEG File

Firstly, download and launch VideoSolo Free Video Converter on your desktop easily. And then follow the step-by-step guide below. You could get the solution to convert AVI to MPEG video files easily.

Step 1. Add AVI Video Files

Once you open the program, you can view its main interface below. Just click the "Add Files" button in the middle of the window. Or you can directly drag and drop AVI files to the program. The software with user-friendly interface allows to view the loaded AVI files in detail clearly.

Add Files

Step 2. Choose the Output Video Format

To convert AVI to MPEG free, you may need to select your target output format as MPEG. Here you can also choose MPEG4 if you want to convert AVI to MPEG4.

Just click the "Output Format" to activate the profile window, and then click "General Video" in the left tab to find the MPEG file in the right drop-down box. Here we just choose MPEG-2(for burning to DVD) as the output profile.

Tips: You can also choose your desired output destination by clicking the "Output Folder" icon, or just select the default one.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Begin to Convert AVI to MPEG

Once all of the necessary output settings are finished, you could click the big "Convert" button to start the conversion process. You could view the process in the pop-up window. After completing the converting task, you could find the converted video files in the output folder.

Start Converting

After you've read the whole text, you could solve the problem at the beginning of the article. In the later days, you could find the solution by yourself if you happen to come across the similar questions. We cannot say that VideoSolo Free Video Converter is one solution that holds good for all time. Yet you could convert AVI to MPG or other formats in a professional way. Why not have a try now?