Compared to AVI, WMV will be a more suitable video type for users who want to upload videos because this kind of file is smaller. In this tutorial, I will introduce three free ways to convert AVI files to WMV and they are suitable for both Windows and Mac users.

Introduction of AVI and WMV Format

AVI, the abbreviation of Audio Video Interleaved, is developed by Microsoft in 1992. It's a kind of multimedia container format and is regarded as a part of Windows video software. AVI file combines audio data with video data in a file container and enables videos and audios play synchronously. AVI is mainly used in the multimedia CD to save movies and TV programs.

WMV, the abbreviation of Windows Media Video, is a series of video codecs and it is also a part of the Windows Media framework developed by Microsoft. WMV has three kinds of codecs: WMV, WMV Screen, and WMV Image. Microsoft also develops a digital container format named ASF (Advanced Systems Format) to save WMV video code. WMV videos can play while downloading so it's suitable for playing and transmitting on the Internet.

Two Ways to Finish AVI to WMV Conversion

2.1 Change File Extension

Have you ever directly change the MP4 file's extension to M4A and surprisingly find that it can play? Renaming file extension sometimes is a feasible way to meet your demand. But actually, it doesn't convert the file's coding rule.

Different video files have the different coding standard. The reason you can normally play the changed file is that in some specific situations, AVI and WMV files have the same coding rules and the player you use is able to auto-match different codec modes. But it is also possible to meet the playback failure after changing the name.

So it's obvious that changing file extension is not a way that can always meet your needs.

2.2 Use VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a free converter which supports converting to and from more than 300 video/audio formats. With this program, you can easily and fast convert AVI to WMV. VideoSolo Free Video Converter provides Windows and Mac users with different versions.

Step 1. Add Files to VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Double click to open the software, then import AVI files you want to convert by clicking "Add File(s)" button. And you can choose to add the file or add the folder in the pull-down list.

Add File

Step 2. Choose WMV as Output Format

Choose WMV format in "General Video" by clicking the pull-down list next to "Output format".

Output Setting

If you want to save the converted file in another folder, you can click "Open Folder" near "Output folder" to change the converted file's destination. And this program also provides option for you to adjust the video resolution, aspect ratio, audio codec, sample rate, etc. To customize these value, you can click on "Gear" icon and find them in the "Preference" Window.

Change Folder

Step 3. Start Conversion

Click "Convert" button in the right bottom corner and start conversion. And it will pop up a window which shows the process of conversion.


2.3 Use Zamzar

Zamzar is a free online converter which supports over 1200 different formats. With this, you don't need to download software and it makes sure that the conversion will complete under 10 minutes. So it's also a convenient tool to convert AVI to WMV.

Step 1. Choose AVI files by clicking "Choose Files" button or directly drag the file you want to convert to the website. Alternatively, if you want to convert the file from a website, you can click the underlined link text "URL".

Upload File to Zamzar

Step 2. Click the down arrow near "Convert files to:" and select WMV as the output format from the drop-down list.

Step 3. Zamzar doesn't offer you the choice to choose the folder you want to store the converted file. If you want to get the converted file, you need to enter your email address in the blank text box to receive it.

Step 4. Click "Convert" button and Zamzar will automatically convert AVI file to WMV. What you have to know is that clicking the Convert button means you agree to Zamzar's Terms.

Can you successfully convert AVI to WMV by following the steps in this tutorial? I believe it's easy for you to learn how to use them and then you can share your videos on the Internet.