If you want to convert DAV to MP4, I guess there are three possible reasons.

1. You don't know how to play DAV video on your computer yet, so you want to convert DAV to MP4 and see if it can be successfully played in some media players.

2. You know how to play DAV files on a Windows computer, but you want to play it on more devices, such as Mac, mobile phone, etc., and MP4 has great compatibility.

3. You want to share the DAV file with others.

The first problem can be solved by downloading the DAV player released by the manufacturer of your video monitor. The second and the third one can be solved by converting DAV to MP4 with a dependable DAV converter. We will guide you through these three problems. Keep reading.

What is DAV Format and How to Play DAV on Computer

DAV is actually a modified MPEG format and often encrypted. They are created by various kinds of digital video recorder (DVR) connected to a CCTV security camera. That's why the common media players basically do not have the ability to play DAV files. In order to play DAV on your computer, you will need to download the player software that provides by your DVR manufacturer. For example, you have bought an AlienDVR, then you could find "Alien Play" in their support center, which help you play the DAV files on Windows computer.

Though this is convenient, if you are a Mac user, this can be a bit of a hassle because DVR manufacturer usually provides DAV player for Windows only. Besides, you may want to play DAV on more devices, such as mobile, TV, or share with your neighbor, submit to the police, or post on social media. Converting DAV to MP4 is much easier for daily use.

How to Convert DAV to MP4 for Playing on More Devices

To convert DAV to MP4, you will need to find a reliable DAV converter first. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is the one you can trust. It enables to convert DAV video to more than 300 formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV. You can play DAV video on almost all the devices. More than that, it has a simple editing function which can help you easily cut out the unwanted clips of your DAV video.

While using this product, you don't have to worry about security issues and privacy issues. We can guarantee that your DAV file won't be used or upload to a third-party server. This is your own DAV converter. You can follow the guide below to convert DAV file to MP4. The following guide is based on Windows edition, as the Mac verson of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate now doesn't support DAV video format.

Note before using this product: Because of the encryption and complexity of DAV files, VideoSolo software does not always decrypt them successfully. If you have a purchase intention, be sure to try converting DAV files before purchase and check if the exported MP4 video is normal. Our software provides a free trial for every user.

Step 1. Import DAV File to the DAV Converter

Click "Add Files" to import your DAV file that needs converting to MP4. Multiple DAV videos are also supported to import. There is no limitation of the video size.

Add DAV Video File

Step 2. Choose MP4 as the Output Format

Go and find the "Convert All to" drop-down icon for converting DAV to MP4. Now you can select "MP4" under "GVideo" tab, or select another preset profile under your target device category.

Choose MP4 Output Format

Step 3. [Optional] Clip the DAV Video

If you want to clip the needed part of the DAV video before converting to MP4, you can click on "Clip" on the software main interface, and then drag the sliders to set the start point and the end point.

Clip the DAV Video

Step 4. Start Converting DAV to MP4

Before start, you can preview to check if the video and the sound in the video are both normal. If it is, just one click on the "Convert All" button to begin converting DAV to MP4.

Convert DAV to MP4

So this is how to convert DAV to MP4 with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. If the program didn't convert DAV file successfully, welcome to send the DAV video via email attachment or Google Drive to [email protected]. The tech team will find if there is a solution.


If you are already playing DAV video on your computer, you can use a screen recorder to capture the video, and then exported the video as MP4 format. This is another option besides converting DAV to MP4.

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