It is necessary to change FLAC to WAV since FLAC won't play on iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media player and many portable devices. In this case, it would be helpful if we can get a powerful converter to convert FLAC to WAV without losing quality. As an ideal FLAC converter, it should support converting FLAC to WAV effectively and conveniently. It will be better if the tool is free and multifunctional. So, follow me and I will show you the best solution to convert FLAC to WAV without losing quality.

Why We Need To Convert FLAC to WAV

Since FLAC and WAV enjoy the same characteristic of lossless quality in audio storing, why we need to convert FLAC to WAV? One reason is that the most common WAV audio format is uncompressed audio in a specific format. And this specific format is the standard audio coding format for audio CDs. People like music lovers, professional users, and audio experts may use the WAV format with this specific audio format for maximum audio quality.

In spite of its popularity, FLAC is not supported by many media players like iTunes, QuickTime and Windows Media player. And portable deceives like mobile phones could not decode it. Therefore, it is necessary to convert FLAC and save them in a more accessible format such as WAV.

Why We Choose VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Online tools like Convertio, Zamzer are welcome because there is no need to download the installation package. And it is clear to understand and easy to convert files, you just have to surf the official website and click your mouse several times to convert your files.

Though online music converters can help us convert FLAC to WAV files easily, we can still see the limitations. When you try to convert a file, the progress cannot work without network support. You cannot convert batch FLAC files at the same time and it is not available to edit music files. After your conversion, it will ask for your e-mail address to receive the converted files, that will make you easy to miss out the e-mail and possible for you to reveal email information. What's more, audio quality will be lost easily because you cannot change the profile setting.

Taking all these demerits into consideration, and after trying several different software, I strongly recommend VideoSolo Free Video Converter to be your FLAC converter, I am sure it will be the best choice for your conversion.

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a free but professional converter which supports converting over 300 different formats conversion. Files can remain original quality by using it. Furthermore, it supports converting batch files, as well as editing files easily. And now I will show you the step-by-step guidance on how to convert FLAC to WAV with VideoSolo Free Video Converter.

Steps to Convert FLAC to WAV

Step 1. Install the Program

Open the official website, download the installation package, follow the instruction to choose the correct version and install the program. After the installation, run the program then the interface will show up automatically.

Step 2. Add Your Converted File

Click "Add Files" to select the files you want to convert. You can select multiple files to process converting at the same time.

Add Files

Step 3. Select Output Format and Output Folder

Select WAV format and you can also change the output folder path.

Select Format

Step 4. Change the Profile Setting

Click the gear button to change the profile according to your needs. You can change Encoder, Sample Rates, Channels and Audio Bitrate to keep your audio quality.

Change Profile Settings

Step 5. Conversion Finished

Click "Convert" button to start the conversion, after the conversion you can select actions like shutdown the computer.

Complete the Conversion

With VideoSolo Free Video Converter, we can convert FLAC to WAV easily and without any extra fee. However, when you try to convert batch videos at the same time, you may find there are limitations in VideoSolo Free Video Converter, such as the speed of convention and edit function. For further consideration, you can upgrade it to VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. It has 6X faster speed with NVIDIA, AMD & Intel GPU acceleration. It is sure to meet your further personal demand.

Compared with the online converter, the one-time-download software will be more convenient and time-saving. As a professional converter, VideoSolo Free Video Converter will be your first choice to convert files without losing quality. Any problem about FLAC to WAV conversion will be perfectly solved with it. For your further desire such as files quality improvement and high-speed conversion, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate will be your best partner. If you have other thoughts or other tools that can convert FLAC to WAV, leave your comments below. Thank you!