"I have downloaded some videos from YouTube for watching offline, but when I play them with my media player, it can't work. The videos are in FLV format, I guess maybe it's because my media gadget can't support such file. My friends told me that I can convert them to AVI files. But I have no idea on what kind of the converter is better. Anyone who have a suggestion? Thanks in advance."

FLV (Flash Video) is a streaming video format which is commonly used on the Internet by YouTube, Yahoo, Google video and other video services. It is an open file format and supports delivery of audio and video streams through players that are compatible with the specification. However, once you capture a copy of a .flv video for playback on part of portable devices, such as smartphones and pads, you will find that the media players on your devices refuse to play it. To display FLV video more smoothly and with better support, it's better to convert FLV to other friendly formats, like AVI.

As for AVI, short for Audio Visual Interleaved, it is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft in November 1992. As a container, AVI can contain both video and audio data in a file that allows synchronous video-with-audio playback. AVI is much more widely supported by almost every video program and player by default.

In this kind of condition, all you need to do is to find the best video converter. With the help of it, you can easily convert the FLV file and play it easily. If you are looking to convert the FLV into an AVI format then VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can do that for you. After converting the file you can easily play FLV on iPad, iPhone or other hand-held devices.

Why Choose VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate to Convert FLV to AVI?

Although there are many programs are capable of converting FLV videos to AVI format, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is the best solution for all your needs. Here are the most remarkable features which make it the best at what it does.

1. Huge Format Support

It has support for more than 300+ video and audio formats. It means you can easily and smoothly convert your desired videos from one format to another format and easily fit in any devices. Preset with up-to-date devices profiles, it also enables users to convert videos to iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PS4, Smart TV, etc. Therefore, besides FLV to AVI, it allows users to transfer FLV to 3GP, FLV to MP4 without losing quality. It even lets you extract the audio from the video for playing in your devices. It also supports HD/4K UHD and 3D conversion. You can take full control of the conversion of 4K (UHD), 1080P (FHD), 720P (HD) and 480P(SD). Better yet, you can rip homemade DVD to MP4.

2. Speed

This is a real time saver which can convert your videos up to 6X faster than normal. The multi-threading conversion makes fast and stable processing of multiple video files which is not possible on the online video conversion. Also, it is optimized for NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, AMD and Intel HD Graphics hardware acceleration technology without no re-compression or loss of quality.

3. Video Enhancer

With the built-in video enhancer, you can enhance your video quality easily. Therefore, you can solve the problems, such as too dark, overexposed, shaking video, etc. to meet the quality you expected.

4. Editing Function

With VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, you can edit your videos from within the software. You can crop, clip, rotate, trim, change volume, add watermarks or subtitles and different effects. This tool provides the simple and user-friendly interface for ultra-intuitive user experience. No complex settings, program is smart, anyone (especially for a newbie) can handle it by themselves.

Simple Steps to Convert FLV to AVI with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate:

Converting FLV videos to AVI format with this program is very simple and straightforward. Before starting, make sure that you have downloaded the right version of this program. After a brief installation, launch it and the main interface will pop up spontaneously. This program is available for the trial version and paid full version. To enjoy more of the benefits, now you need to register the full version.

Step 1. Load FLV Video Files

There are two ways to load your FLV video files: either you can click "Add Files" button or just drag and drop your video file directly into the main interface. You are allowed to import more than one file at a time due to the support of batch conversion. To merge all videos into one file, just tick the "Merge into one file" option on the right bottom of the window.

Load FLV Video

Step 2. Edit Videos in Real-time (Optional)

Edit videos can make your video more unique. This converter provides users with some powerful video editing functions. You can crop, clip, trim, rotate, add watermarks or subtitles to videos. Changes can also be viewed real-time. All you need is to click the "Edit" icon under the video thumbnail to get a separate editing panel. You can also improve your video quality by clicking "Video Enhancer". There are four options to enhance video quality: upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise and reduce video shaking.


Step 3. Adjust Parameters  (Optional)

Adjust parameters to make the converted video more perfect. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate provides adjustable video and audio settings to satisfy all levels experienced users. No matter you are an expert or not, it will achieve the best output quality you desired. Choosing a profile and you can adjust parameters like bitrate, frame rate, etc. under the "Settings".

Step 4. Select AVI as the Output Format

After adding your files, click "Profile" drop-down list and select AVI as the output video format from "General Video" category.

General Video

Step 5. Select the Destination Folder

Click "Browse" next to the "Convert" button to set the destination folder for saving AVI file.

Convert Button

Step 6. Start to Convert FLV Files to AVI

After the presetting of the above procedures, the next step is to tap "Convert" button, and FLV to AVI conversion process will be indicated in a conversion dialog box. Two options available for users when the video converting process finished: "Shut down computer" or "Open output folder" when conversion completed.

Converting Video

Convert FLV to AVI may bring you a lot of conveniences. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, its humanized program interface, legible video format profiles and fast conversion speed make the whole conversion much easier. It also has a number of predefined settings specially designed for more advanced users who need to edit and customize video and audio parameters. But inevitably, it requires a considerable amount of system resources. If you focus purely on the conversion rather than the more complicated editing functions, or if in any case do not want to dedicate your system to the file conversion process, VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a good choice for novice users. Try it and get sure that functionality can be simple and fast!