Recently, my friend asked me how to play FLV files on her iPhone 7 Plus, and she has been driven crazy by the FLV files. I was shocked about this bit of jam, because I've never thought about this before. Therefore, I searched a lot online. THERE, I found a way about how to get rid of it: VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is gonna help me out. And most surprisingly, this utility successfully helped me convert FLV files to my iPhone 8 for playing. Wanna know how? Follow me.

What Is FLV File

FLV, namely, Flash Video, is a container file format used to deliver digital video content over the Internet by Adobe Flash Player version 6 and newer. There are two different video file formats: FLV and F4V.

There is one important thing you should pay attention to: Apple's iOS devices, as well as other mobile devices, fail to support the Flash Player plugin, so that is why you have tons of FLV files but can't play them on your iPhone. What you need is to convert the FLV files to iPhone for playing, and that only needs a few steps then you will get it.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Video formats that supported by iPhone are MP4, MOV, M4V.

How to Convert FLV (Flash Vdieo) to iPhone for Playing

2.1 An Introduction to VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

When it comes to how to convert video formats, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate should not be missed. It is a program which supports conversion of more than 300 video formats, covering almost all the commonly used formats like MOV, MP4, AVCHD, SWF, etc. You think that is all? Hold on, of course not, check it below.

• Concise interface and easy operating system;

• Improve video quality and stabilize the shaky video;

• Support converting audio to iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc;

• Free technique support and free upgrade are available;

• Support several editing such as clip, rotate, watermark;

• No conversion limitation time, you are able to convert however long the videos.

2.2 Steps to Convert FLV to iPhone

Click the download button above and get VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate installed on your computer.

Step 1. Add the FLV Files

Click the "Add Files" to import your FLV files, you can choose one or batch files for one time.

Add Files

Step 2. Selected FLV File to Editing

Click the "Edit" icon on the top menu bar, there are several choices available such as rotate, 3D, crop, etc. Here, we use "3D" as an example. Tick the "Enable 3D Settings" on the right side, and there are two selections: anaglyph and split screen. And many effects such as colors in the drop down bar of anaglyph, just choose whatever you want and check the effect. Then click the "Apply" icon and close the window.

Edit Video

Step 3. Select an Output Format

Click the drop down bar of "Profile" and type "iPhone" into the "Search Profile" for fastly finding the format, and then choose your iPhone model. If you are operating the batch conversion, you can tick the "Merge into one file" as well.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Convert the FLV file to iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus/6s

Just click the "Convert" icon, the conversion will begin and you can take a break to wait for completing.

Start Conversion

I really think that is easy and convenient, and you? VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate doesn't simply help me convert the FLV file to my iPhone 8, but gives me the chance to prove I can DO it myself. Of course the same to YOU. Enjoy the FLV to iPhone converter? Well, if you are, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends. Then each one can enjoy the video files on iPhone anytime and anywhere. Enjoy your time.