GoToMeeting is the software, which is used to hold an online meeting, video conference and also supports desktop sharing. In other words, you are allowed to join GoToMeeting in real time though you are in different places. Thus, it benefits business a lot and is widely used by many companies. Moreover, you can use it to record meetings just in case someone who absent can review it in time.

But due to its codec, GoToMeeting recording is incompatible with our devices and fail to play. Because of that, you need to convert GoToMeeting recordings to MP4 first, then you can play them freely. And how can you free convert GoToMeeting recordings to MP4? Here I will introduce you the best free converter.

Brief Introduction to VideoSolo Free Video Converter

If you are asking for converting GoToMeeting recordings to MP4 for free, you do need the free VideoSolo Free Video Converter. The reason why I highly recommend it to you is that VideoSolo Free Video Converter is an easy-control freeware with high output quality. It can be a good assistant for you to convert videos from more than 300 formats. In that way, you are free to convert GoToMeeting videos to MP4 via it. In addition, the conversion speed can be so fast. What's more, you can also edit video and join multiple videos as one with it. Just trust me, VideoSolo Free Video Converter won't disappoint you.

Convert GoToMeeting Recordings to MP4 with VideoSolo Free Video Converter

As I mentioned above, VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a free converter, it will cost you nothing. And now, it's time for us to make a move and see how to convert GoToMeeting recordings to MP4 with it.

Step 1. Download and Install

In the beginning, you need to download the official VideoSolo Free Video Converter. And then follow the on-screen instructions to install it to your computer.

Step 2. Add GoToMeeting Recording Files

Open Free Video Converter and click "Add Files" button to import the GoToMeeting recording files. To save more time, you can press the drop-down button for "Add Folder" to add a whole folder of GoToMeeting videos to the program as well.

Add Files

Step 3. Select MP4 as Output Format

Go to "Output format" and click on the drop-down icon. Then it will pop up a list of various devices. Choose one according to your needs and select "MP4" as output format. If you are dazzled by looking at the long list, you can go to "Search Profile…" and type "MP4" on it. Then you can get all MP4 formats for different devices.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Change Output Folder Path

In order to locate the final MP4 files more easily, you are permitted to change output folder path. Go to "Output folder" and tap "…" to change it to other destination folders. Next, hit "Select Folder" to eventually carry out the command. In doing so, you don't need to remind yourself all the time about the default folder.

Select Output Folder

Step 5. Convert GoToMeeting Recordings to MP4

After all the settings above, here is the final step to convert GoToMeeting video to MP4. Hit "Convert" to start the conversion. A batch of GoToMeeting recordings can be converted at the same time. And the speed of every conversion will depend on the length of the current file. During that time, you can make other settings. For example, you can choose "No action" or hit the drop-down list for "Shut down computer" in "After done". Alternatively, press "Completed" when the conversions are over.

Convert Gotomeeting Recordings to MP4

That's all about converting GoToMeeting recording via VideoSolo Free Video Converter. Well, if you go back to the interface of VideoSolo Free Video Converter, I think you may notice that there are other VideoSolo products on its left menu bar. To tell you the truth, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can provide you with a great solution to convert, edit and enhance videos. So there is no doubt that it can also help you out in converting GoToMeeting video to MP4. If you have never used it before, you can press "VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate" and hit the button "Install and Open Now" to download it.

All in all, VideoSolo Free Video Converter will be the best free converter for you to convert GoToMeeting recording. You can learn so fast to control the program because of its concise interface. Most importantly, to convert GoToMeeting recordings to MP4, it is just 5 simple steps for you to accomplish that. By the way, you can also choose VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. One more good news for you is that the operations of these two programs are the same, so no worry to download one and have a try. Hope you enjoy the free conversion from GoToMeeting recordings to MP4.