Why the iMovie always export my files into .mov format? Recently, I encountered this problem when I making a wedding video. And I found many users are talking about this problem on Apple Communities. So to solve it, I wrote this tutorial for help the people that meet this problem like me.

At first, let's see why we failed to export iMovie to MP4. Then see how to convert iMovie to MP4.

How to Export iMovie to MP4 (Personal Experience)

When I search on Google, I found many thread or articles for exporting iMovie to MP4 says to use the "Export to QuickTime" option. But I didn't see the option on my iMovie with the version 10.1.10 on my MacBook Pro. I think that it might be caused by the update of iMovie.

Actually, I can only export the iMovie project via "Share" > "File" as the image below shows.

Export Button in iMovie

In the dialog that appears, I can find the following things that I need to choose:

• Title: Click the name at the top and then type a new name.

• Description: Type the description that you want to add.

• Tags: Click the Tags field, and type the tag names separated by commas.

• Format: Choose to export "video and audio", or just audio.

• Resolution: Select an Resolution option. The unavailable resolutions will appear dimmed.

• Quality: Choose one from the 5 options: Low, Medium, High, Best (Prores), Custom.

• Compress: Set the compress speed.

Change Output Information in iMovie

Then, click on "Next" button. It will go to a pop-up window which can specify the folder path to save the files. So far, all the things works fine. When I check the output file, it is saved as .mov format. Why? I changed various output options and found the answer:

If you set the quality with "Best (ProRes)", the iMovie file will be saved as .mov format. But, when you share a movie as low, medium, high quality or custom, it will share as MP4.

Select Output Video Quality

Finally, if you want to export iMovie to MP4 video, please avoid to select the "Best (ProRes)" quality option. This solution works for most of the people. But in case that you still can't save the iMovie as MP4 video, move to Part 2 to get another method.

Or, you still want to get the MP4 video with best quality from iMovie, the following method is also work for you.

Final Way - Convert Your iMovie Video to MP4 with External Tool

We can't find a workable way in iMovie to export MP4 video. So, we have to get help from other tools. With a video converter, you can easily convert your iMovie video (.mov) to MP4.

Here, I would share a good tool - VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. This is a professional video converter which can help convert the iMovie project to MP4 format easily.

Clear interface can help you understand it quickly. Batch files conversion is allowed. The conversion can be performed with fast speed. So, it can be used to convert the iMovie file to MP4, as required.

Take a try from the button below.

Step 1. Initiate the VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Download and install the converter for Mac. Then open the main interface.

Step 2. Import the Exported iMovie Video

Click the button of "Add Files" to upload the iMovie file. You can import multiple videos here.

Note: VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can't directly convert the iMovie project to MP4. You have to export the iMovie project to MOV, then this program can convert the exported MOV video to MP4.


Step 3. Specify the Output Format

Then click the drop-down icon of "Output Format" and select MP4 as the output format.

General Video

Step 4. Convert the Exported iMovie Video to MP4

The output folder is chosen by default, but you can change it to other destination folders via clicking the "…" icon.

Click the "Convert" button to transfer iMovie to MP4 on Mac, and the excellent Mac Video Converter will automatically do the rest for you.

Start Conversion

Finally, hope you can solve the problem that can't export video from iMovie to MP4 smoothly. If you can provide more ways that can convert iMovie video to MP4, leave it below and I will add it to this tutorial after testing.