Enjoy the high quality M2TS videos but so annoying that they takes up a very large space? You are not the only one troubled by this issue. Sometimes, a video only has several minutes can reach as large as 1GB. So any user can realize how inconvenient it is! The way out of this is a M2TS to MKV converter.

MKV is also a video format with high definition but less space-occupied. Convert video format M2TS to MKV, you will no longer be bothered with such issues. Here we will introduce a way to convert M2TS to MOV without the worries of losiing  quality in few minutes. Get it below:

Information of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate allows you convert M2TS to MKV easily and quickly. You will be amazed by how many video formats it can convert to, too. Some people may convert M2TS to MKV because they want to remove things they do NOT want, like subtitles and audio tracks in 14 languages. This program contains all these functions. Is that cool? Now join us and see how to use it.

How to Convert M2TS to MKV with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Download and install the program

This M2TS to MKV converter is professionally designed with two versions, for windows and for mac, which covers for all the users. Go to our official website, after download and install, you can try the trial version or register it to the full version.

Step 2. Select source M2TS video files

When you launch this program, you can see "Add File" on the top blue line, click it and you can select source M2TS video files. Convert multiple video files is also supported by this program.

Add Files

Step 3. Choose output MKV video format

It is so time-consuming that directly find the MKV format among all the listed formats, so to be quicker and easier, we can make fully use of the search function.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Start to convert M2TS to MKV

It is so easy to use this rpogram therefore you can come to the final step within several minutes. Confirm your previous steps are correct, then you can click "Convert". The conversion is fast and then it time to enjoy your high quality video.

Choose Output Format

Of course VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate have more other functions, and these fantastic points need you to experience and explore. Just ready for the most wonderful watching time.


M2TS vs MKV, how much do you know about them? If you are not familiar with M2TS and MKV video formats, here we will describe in detail their difference and similarity. With these knowledge, you will fully understand why so many people want to convert M2TS to MKV video format.


Blu-ray Disk Audio-Video (BDAV) MPEG-2 Transport Stream, commonly known as M2TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) is an audio and video container developed by the Blu-ray Disk Association. It is used for multiplexing audio, video and other streams. It is based on the MPEG-2 transport stream container. This container format is commonly used for high definition video on Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD.


MKV files are actually multimedia container formats. An MKV container can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file—even if those elements use different types of encoding. For example, you could have a MKV file that contains H.264 video and something like MP3 or AAC for audio. The MKV container itself also supports almost any audio and video format, making the format highly adaptive and easy to use.

Difference and Similarity:

Although they are both high definition video formats, M2TS is very large in size and normally it is never recommended to upload for sharing with friends. MKV is easier to handle plus it supports a variety of formats. That is the mainly advantage MKV takes.

You are well known these two formats now. If you want to convert M2TS to MKV, why not give a chance to try VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and enjoy your MKV videos?