iPhone added support for some new formats in recent years, but not including MKV. So, how to watch MKV video on iPhone? This question may puzzle the users since they have got some MKV videos but could not successfully play them with iPhone or other Apple devices. However, there is a trick to let your MKV videos play on the iPhone. That is, convert MKV to iPhone supported format. Before start, let's know more about the iPhone compatible formats, so we will know what we should convert MKV to.

Know about Apple Supported Video Formats

iPhone supports several kinds of container formats and more than a dozen video/audio codecs. The three most common patterns are MP4, M4V, and MOV container with H.264 video codec + AAC audio codec.

MP4 is the most widely used container format, which is compatible with almost all the devices. MOV is also called "Apple QuickTime Movie". If you aim to play videos with QuickTime, MOV is the best choice. M4V is an iTunes video file type. It is also appropriate for moving video between Apple devices. You can pick any one format between the three when converting MKV to iPhone.

So, how to convert MKV for playing on iPhone? Read on this MKV to iPhone tutorial and learn about the process for converting MKV to iPhone. It is simple to get it done in minutes.

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How to Convert and Transfer MKV to iPhone

To play and watch MKV movies on iPhone, you need a video converter to convert MKV to MP4/MOV/M4V video format, so that you can transfer to iPhone for playing. Then, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent MKV to iPhone converter with Windows and Mac version, which can provide us with the fastest speed to convert MKV to iPhone supported format while holding the original quality.

One of the best features is, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate provides complete preset profiles for iPhone, from iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. It will continuously be updated. With the preset profile, you don't need to worry about how to set the resolution, video/audio codec or other parameters when converting MKV to iPhone. It's all set up automatically.

Step 1. Add MKV Video to the MKV to iPhone Converter

On the toolbar of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, click the "Add File" button to add the MKV video that you want to convert to iPhone.

Note: As batch conversion is supported, you can add a whole folder or multiple MKV files for conversion.

Add MKV Video

Step 2. Click the "Profile" Option to Select iPhone Format

After the MKV video imported, click the "Profile" list at the bottom of the main interface. Then you will see many formats listed for you to choose. Just locate on "Apple iPhone" and find your iPhone model here. For example, my device is iPhone XR, so I will choose "iPhone XR H.264 Video(*.mp4)" for converting MKV to.

Choose iPhone Video Format

Step 3. Click "Convert" to Convert MKV to iPhone

Click the "Convert" button directly to change the format of the original MKV video. When it is over, you can find the video that optimized for your iPhone model from the folder you have set up.

Convert MKV to iPhone

Step 4. Transfer Video to Your iPhone

Now it's time to transfer the converted video to your iPhone. No matter you are using Win or Mac computer, iTunes may be the most convenient choice for transfer video from computer to Apple devices. You can finally enjoy the MKV video on iPhone.

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Play MKV on iPhone

That's it. With the method introduced above, you can convert MKV to iPhone easily. What's more, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can edit your video before conversion, and enhance video quality. With more than 300 kinds of formats supporting, it's more than just an MKV to iPhone converter. It's a one-stop media converter that meets almost all your needs for video conversion aspects in your daily life.