How to Convert MKV to MP4 with High Quality (Windows & Mac)

By Karen Nelson Last updated : August 3, 2022

The main reason that people want to convert MKV to MP4 is, MP4 has better compatibility as it can be supported by virtually all devices. For example, MKV cannot be imported in Sony Vegas Pro, iTunes, Android Phone, etc. Such problems can be solved after converting MKV to the universal container — MP4 (for H.264/AAC).

In this article we offer 10 best converters to convert an MKV file into an MP4 without losing quality. Keep on reading and find one to get your work done!

Best Way to Convert MKV to MP4 via VideoSolo (Hot)

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can be the best converter for it comes up with the robust functions of converting videos to MKV and MP4 with the best output quality. In this product, you can adjust the video codec, audio codec, resolution, frame rate, bitrate to meet your own needs.

Not only does VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate offers quick conversion, but it also offers a multitude of editing features. It can trim, crop & rotate videos; add subtitles, watermark, special effects & filters. If you are still looking for batch conversion, 50 times quicker conversion speed, and unlimited editing features, look no further, the registered version is right here.

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

  • 1-Year Plan: $35.65

  • Lifetime Plan: $51.00

Support OS
  • Win/Mac

Reasons to Try
  • Supports the most formats on the list and has preset formats for 20 different social media and devices;

  • One-stop-shop for batch converting, editing, compressing, and merging;

  • Lossless conversion for videos and audios;

  • Simplified UI, advanced editing features, and flexible options.

Reasons to Avoid
  • 5 files per feature for the free version.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Launching VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, and then click on "Add Files" to import an MKV file or a bunch of MKV files that you want to convert.

Step 2. Choose the desired MP4 format in the "Convert All to" pull-down list.

Choose MP4 Profile

Step 3. It is optional to customize the MP4 video output settings such as video/audio encoder (we suggest H.264/AAC). For other parameters such as "Resolution" and "Frame Rate",you can click the "Custom Profile" icon to set the desired parameters to get a more perfect video.

Customize Output Settings for MP4

Step 4. Switch back to the main interface, select the files you want to convert, and then click the "Convert All" button which is visibly shown in the bottom right corner.

Convert MKV to MP4 with Other 6 Methods

In addition to VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, there are several other tools for you to choose from. The following will describe their specific advantages and disadvantages and usage steps, so that you can choose according to your own needs.


FFmpeg is an outstanding multimedia framework to decode, encode, stream, filter and play. It is also a very good option for converting MKV to MP4, but its installation process is very complicated. If you are a professional at converting videos, then you can install FFmpeg to have a try. Of course, if you already have FFmpeg installed on your computer, you don't have to worry about how to operate it, you can follow the instructions below.

Video Converter FFmpeg

  • Free

Support OS
  • Win/Mac

Reasons to Try
  • Support a multiple of formats;

  • Provide web hosting capabilities and video streaming;

  • Have one of the most powerful Streaming Engines available worldwide.

Reasons to Avoid
  • The operation is complex;

  • The official documentation can be quite confusing.

How to convert MKV to MP4 using FFmpeg:

Step1. Install FFmpeg and launch it on your computer.

Step2. Get the information of the video file you want to convert.

Step3.To begin converting MKV to MP4 free, you can input a command like this: ffmpeg -i S01.Ep03.mkv -acodec aac -strict -2 -ab 160k -s 1920×1080 –qscale: v 3 -f mp4 S01.Ep03.mp4.

During the process of using FFmpeg, if you think it's quite difficult to operate, you can change to using VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate instead, the operation of it is relatively simple.


OBS is a free, open source software that supports for Windows and Mac user. For most of you, you probably know OBS as a powerful on-screen recording and playback tool. However, sharing MKV video on this platform will not be compatible with most media players. Therefore, it allows you to convert MKV files to MP4.

OBS Converter

  • Free

Support OS
  • Win/Mac

Reasons to Try
  • Free and open-source software;

  • Simple operation of converting MKV to MP4;

  • Advanced recording features.

Reasons to Avoid
  • Record files in MP4 format right from the beginning;

  • The formats are limited.

Steps to convert MKV to MP4 with OBS:

Step1. Launch OBS on your computer.

Step2. Click "File" on the "Menu Bar" and choose "Remux Recording".

Step3. Add the MKV recording once you see the new Remux Recording window popping up.

Step4. Click “Dotted” to choose "Remux" to start the process.

Because OBS is not a dedicated format converter, there are many limitations in the process of conversion, such as a small number of formats that support conversion. So if you want to convert more formats, then VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate will be more satisfying for you.

EaseUS Video Converter

EaseUS Video Converter is a 4K video converter to convert video or audio files to 1000+ formats at 30X faster speed. It lets you turn your MKV files into MP4 without any effort on your Windows PC. Just load an MKV file, set the output formats and other parameters, then start your conversion. The whole conversion will be completed in simple steps. With advanced conversion technology, this converter allows you to convert multiple files in batch with 1:1 or even higher quality.

EaseUS Video Converter

  • 1-Month Plan: $9.95

  • 1-Year Plan: $29.95

  • Lifetime Plan: $59.95

Support OS
  • Win

Reasons to Try
  • Extremely easy to operate;

  • Support video conversion in HD, 2K, 4K, and even 8K;

  • Custom video or audio parameters flexibly;

  • File combination feature is available.

Reasons to Avoid
  • High-speed and batch conversion is not available in free trial.

A step-by-step guide to convert from MKV to MP4 via EaseUS Video Converter:

Step1. Launch EaseUS Video Converter and choose the "Video Converter."

Step2. Click "Choose Files" to import the MKV video.

Step3. Click "Settings" to select MP4 as the output format.

Step4. Click "Convert" to begin converting MKV file to MP4.

If you need a high speed converter to convert your MKV file to MP4, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate could be a great alternative for you, there are almost no limitation in the free trial. Try it now!

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-one video tool which integrates best video converter, easy-to-use video editor, and video compressor. It helps you to convert any video to 1000+ formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG etc., compress large videos to small size for easy sharing and uploading, customize your videos with powerful editing functions, burn any video to DVD with customized DVD templates.


  • 1-Year Plan: $39.99

  • Lifetime Plan: $79.99

Support OS
  • Win/Mac

Reasons to Try
  • Convert video files to an optimized preset for almost all of the devices;

  • Edit the video files with trimming, cropping, cutting, merging, adding subtitles, etc;

  • Burn videos to DVD with customized free DVD menu templates.

Reasons to Avoid
  • Batch conversion and High-Speed conversion are not provided in free trial.

  • Free version comes with watermark

Detailed tutorials to change MKV to MP4 using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step1. Run Wondershare UniConverter on your device.

Step2. Choose the "Convert" button and then click "+Add Files" to add the MKV file that you want to convert.

Step3. Go to "Convert all files to" to click the "Video" tab to choose MP4 as the output format.

Step4. Start the conversion by simply clicking the "Convert" button.

If you want to try the free version to convert video but have the worry about the watermark, you can try VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, there is no watermark or you can add customize watermark in the free trial.


HandBrake is a free and open-source transcoder for digital video files, mainly for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. This tool can convert videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. HandBrake works with most common video files and formats, including ones created by consumer and professional video cameras, mobile devices such as phones and tablets, game and computer screen recordings, and DVD and Blu-ray discs.


  • Free

Support OS
  • Win/Mac/Linux

Reasons to Try
  • Constant Quality or Average Bitrate Video Encoding;

  • Basic and advanced option to modify video;

  • Batch Scan and Queueing of encodes.

Reasons to Avoid
  • No easy-to-use for green-hand and beginners;

  • Require a bit of a learning curve.

How to change MKV to MP4 with the help of HandBrake:

Step1. Install and run HandBrake on your PC.

Step2. Click "Source" on the toolbar then choose "Open File".

Step3. Open the MKV file and then click "Browse" under "Destination", choose MP4 as the output format.

Step4. Click "Start" to convert MKV to MP4.

If you are a green-hand, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate will be the best converter for you. With a clear and simple interface, it is a versatile/all-in-one tool for high-quality video conversion and editing to satisfy all basic editing needs.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player that you can use on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It can play the famous and most used video format. Aside from being a video player, VLC can also do many things when it comes to videos. Besides, you can use this tool to convert video to MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, and more.

VLC Media Player

  • Free

Support OS
  • Win/Mac

Reasons to Try
  • Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed;

  • Completely Free with no user tracking;

  • Complete feature-set over the video, subtitle synchronization, video and audio filters.

Reasons to Avoid
  • Converting MKV to MP4 is somewhat time-consuming.

  • Limited features compared to other MKV converters.

Here are steps to convert from MKV to MP4 with VLC:

Step1. Download and launch the VLC media player on your PC or Mac.

Step2. Select "Media > Convert/Save..." from the main menu.

Step3. Click "Add..." to add your MKV video and then click "Convert/Save..." to choose "H.264 + Mp3 (MP4)".

Step4. Click "Start" to begin the process.

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a reliable and stable software to convert all your video without time-consuming and stuck. If you need a smooth converter, try VideoSolo to get your work done.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 Free Online

Zamzar is a powerful video file converter that supports lots of file formats. It allows users to convert MKV files to MP4 without downloading a software tool, and supports over 1,200 different conversion types. The most popular document, image, audio and video file formats can be compressed online too on the same web site.


  • 1-Month Plan: $9.00/$16.00

Support OS
  • Win/Mac

Reasons to Try
  • Simple enough for anyone to use;

  • Start immediately; no user account needed;

  • Files can be converted through email.

Reasons to Avoid
  • Free accounts are limited to two conversions within a 24-hour period

  • 50 MB file size limit.

How to convert MKV to MP4 free online with Zamzar:

Step1. Choose the MKV file you want to convert.

Step2. Choose MP4 as the final output format.

Step3. Click "Convert" button to convert MKV to MP4 online.

There is no size and using time limitation in VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, if you need to convert large size video, try VideoSolo to get your work done.

Choose A Best Method to Convert MKV to MP4 (Table Comparison)

Choose the best way to convert MKV to MP4 are depending on your needs. But there are some most important factors you need to consider. Here is a table comparing the core features of the 10 best converter for computer, thus you are available to pick your interested one and learn more about it.

Convert Formats No Watermark Video Editing Tool High Quality High Conversion Speed
VideoSolo MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, MPG and 20+ more
FFmpeg MP4, MKV, AVI and more ×
OBS MP4, MKV and more ×
EaseUS Video Editor MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV and 10+ more ×
Zamzar 3GP, 3G2, AAC, AVI, FLV and 10+ more × × ×
Wondershare UniConverter MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV and 10+ more ×
HandBrake MP4, M4V. MKV and WebM × ×
VLC Media Player ASF, AVI, FLAC, FLV, Fraps and 10+ more ×

To achieve the goal of converting MKV to MP4, we highly recommend VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, which can help you simply and professionally convert MKV to MP4. This program also allows you to clip, crop the video before conversion, even make a 3D MP4 video. Not need to worry about the high usage of the CPU or the conversion speed, it can be accelerated if hardware acceleration enables.

MKV and MP4: Which one is the Best

MKV and MP4 are actually two different universal container formats used for storing video, audio, and subtitle inside. For example, they can both encapsulate H.264 (video codec) and AAC (audio codec) as a video file.

Developed by different organizations, each format has its own merits and demerits. MKV can encapsulate some high-quality codecs that MP4 cannot, such as FLAC, Dolby True Audio and DTS Audio. MP4 is more widely used as many players and devices would prioritize the compatibility of this container format.

There's an important thing that you need to pay attention to. Some devices claim that they support MP4 but users still encounter problems when playing some of the MP4 videos. That basically because they don't support MP4 with all the codecs, such as H.265 video codec. In order to avoid such a situation, we suggest converting MKV to MP4 with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec.