A lot of iPhone users might encounter this problem while making their personalized iPhone ringtone. That is they cannot directly create a ringtone from the audio in MP3 format. How to deal with that to get accustomed iPhone ringtone? This post will teach you how to convert MP3 to M4R format for making iPhone ringtone step-by-step . But before we get to detailed procedures, let's learn something about iPhone ringtone first.

Information about iPhone Ringtone Format

The file extension for iPhone ringtone, one of these audio files, is M4R. Or we could say .m4r is actually the default ringtone format developed by Apple for iPhones. If you want to create an iPhone ringtone, you have to convert your audio file format into the default M4R.

For audio files, we all know that audio files have many formats. But the most common ones are M4A(AAC) and MP3. Changing audio file from M4A to M4R for iPhone ringtone is easy. It requires a simple click to rename '.m4a' to 'm4r'. Converting MP3 to M4R, on the other hand, requires more detailed steps which we will share next.

Two Solutions for Converting MP3 to M4R

There are many ways to convert MP3 to M4R. You can either convert it in iTunes or through software for conversion. This post shares two solutions for you—convert through VideoSolo Free Video Converter, a free and simplified software, and convert in iTunes.

2.1 Convert MP3 to M4R Convert MP3 to M4R with VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a freeware that supports over 300 video/audio format, which means you can make iPhone ringtone from any videos/audios. It provides an easy-to-use interface, fast conversion speed and high output quality. With this converter, the MP3 to M4R conversion would be faster and easier. Now, let us see how to convert MP4 to M4R for iPhone ringtone with VideoSolo Free Video Converter. Only 4 steps would be OK.

Step 1. After launching this program, click 'Add files' to add the audio files in MP3 format.

Add Files

Step 2. Select from the 'General Audio' the ‘M4R iPhone ringtone’ as your output format and choose output folder to store the converted audio. Click orange 'Convert' button and get started.

General Video

Step 3. Click the complete button to finish the conversion and find the converted M4R audio in the files you stored.

Conversion Finished

Step 4. Add the M4R files to iTunes and cut the ringtones length less than 40 seconds. After that, you can sync them to iPhone as ringtones.

In fact, you can make iPhone ringtone from MP3 files with iTunes directly. One inconvenient is that iTunes only support 5 kinds of audio encoder. It's easy to finish MP3 to M4R conversion, but for some unsupported format such as FLAC, you   will fail to process the conversion. Anyway, let's see how to make M4R ringtone in iTunes first.

2.2 Convert MP3 to M4R in iTune

Step 1. Launch iTunes and click on 'File' > 'Add File to Library' to add your MP3 music files into iTunes library.

Add MP3 Files

Step 2. Choose the music you want to set as your ringtone. Right click 'Get Info' windows, go to 'Options' tab and then specify the beginning as well as the ending time. Remember the music should be trimmed to less than 40 seconds.

Trim Your MP3 Music

Step 3. Choose the music set for ringtone. Click 'file' > 'Convert' > 'Create AAC Version'.

Create AAC Version

Step 4. Find the location of the converted AAC file. Right-click and select "Rename" and change the ".m4a" extension to ".m4r".

Step 5. Sync your iPhone device to upload the Ringtone automatically.

From the above two solutions, we could see that VideoSolo Free Video Converter is much better for making iPhone ringtone than iTunes, as it support almost all audio/video format. In addition, there is a pro version called VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate with many extra functions including trimming audio length. With it, you can convert any video or audio to M4R format for making iPhone ringtone without iTunes. Now, you can free download the trial version below: