Nowadays it is more and more popular for people to watch videos on their phones. We all know that MP4 format is widely used in all kinds of media for its strong compatibility. But you may meet problems such as not supporting the MP4 format on your phone and you have to change video format so that you can enjoy your time. Here is some advice for you to convert MP4 to 3GP maintaining original quality.

Difference Between MP4 and 3GP

MP4 format is one of the most popular and common video formats for its strong multifunction. It can store music, video, and photos in high quality. Compared to MP4 format, 3GP is a format that only supported by mobile phones. As we know, MP4 format is more popular for its high resolution while it needs more storage space.

But for mobile phones, the small memory devices, MP4 format is not so convenient. In this case, 3GP format, well-known for its small storage space, will be more suitable for phones. There exists some misunderstanding to 3GP format, for example, it is said that 3GP format will compress the video quality after conversion. In fact, the video quality depends on the video profile setting you set before transferring. So you can lower the quality loss to a great extent if you set the right parameter.

Online Convert: Zamzar

When you want to convert video online, I strongly recommend Zamzer to you. By using this tool, you don't need to download any program on your computer, just to open the internet and you can easily convert MP4 to 3GP. Here I will show you the steps according to the guidelines.

Step 1. Click "Choose Files…" to add the files you would like to convert.

Step 2. Choose the format you want to convert to, such as 3GP in this case.

Step 3. Fill in the with your email address to receive the finished video.

Step 4. Click "Convert" and it will be converted soon.

Zamzar Converte

However, Zamzar only supports 40+ video/audio formats. It can just transfer files smaller than 100M once and you can only receive your converted files through your E-mail. So if you have the further requirement, VideoSolo Free Video Converter can meet your superior demand.

Free Desktop Converter: VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Taking safety and speedy into consideration, after trying several different software, VideoSolo Free Video Converter will be your better choice for your conversion. VideoSolo Free Video Converter supports over 300 video/audio formats with lossless quality, which means you can change any video/audio formats you want.

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is not only free but also easy to operate. It just takes you a few minutes to download the program and install it on your computer. After the preparation, you just need to click your mouse several times to finish the conversion. And now, let me show you how to finish conversion with VideoSolo Free Video Converter in four steps.

Step 1. Install and Launch the Program

Download the install package from the official website and make sure install correct version based on your computer operating system.

Step 2. Add Files and Select Format

After the installation, click "Add File" to run the MP4 video files to the program and choose 3GP as output format.

Add Files

Step 3.  Change Profile Setting

Hit the gear icon, then another interface will appear and you can set encoder, frame rate, resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate according to your requirement.

Select Setting

Step 4. Convert the MP4 Files to 3GP

After you click "Convert" you can see the progress percentage bar and time estimation. You can choose to do "No action" or "Shut down" the computer after conversion. Click the complete button after the conversion is finished and you can find the converted video/audio in your folder.

Complete The Conversion

Follow up the two solutions mentioned above, you will find it easy to convert MP4 to 3GP. With VideoSolo Free Video Converter, we can convert MP4 to 3GP in a free and convenient way. We highly recommend VideoSolo Free Video Converter to you for its powerful multifunction and easy operation. To meet more complicated requirements, we are surely that VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate - the full version of VideoSolo Free Video Converter, will be your good partner as the free version has some limitations.