You can always find some wonderful movie clips on the Internet and they inspire you to edit your own video clips. But when you want to use a piece of music from another clip as this clip's background music, you don't know how to do.

In this article, I will introduce you three free and ways to convert MP4 to M4A. They are easy to learn and I believe they can become useful tools when you cut and edit your video or audio clips.

To free convert MKV video files to more compatible AVI on Windows/Mac, you can try methods below.


MP4, a set of coding standard used for compressing audio and video information. It was introduced in late 1998 by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). It's mainly used for compression of AV data for web and CD distribution, voice (telephone, videophone) and broadcast television applications.

M4A, introduced in 1993, is the extension of an MP4 audio standard file. According to MPEG4 standard, the extension file of ordinary MPEG4 is ".mp4". In order to distinguish pure audio MP4 file and MP4 file containing videos, Apple iTunes uses ".m4a" to name pure MP4 file.

Part 2. How to Convert MP4 to M4A

2.1 Use VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is an excellent converter with fast conversion speed and stable converting process. With this, you can conveniently convert MP4 file to M4A.

Step 1. Add Files

Double click and load the software, then click "Add File(s)" button in the middle screen or in the top left corner to import the MP4 files you want to convert.

Add Files

Step 2. Output Settings

After importing the files ready to convert, click the pull-down menu beside "Output format" and choose M4A as the output format.

Output Settings

VideoSolo Free Video Converter will save the converted file as a new file by default. And if you want to combine mutiple videos into one file, you can check the "Merge into one file" box to join multiple files.

Merge File

Step 3. Convert

Click "Convert" button in the right bottom corner and start conversion.

Conversion Successful

Once output settings are done, click the "Convert" button at the lower right corner. VideoSolo Free Video Converter will convert selected MKV video clips into AVI formats. This can be done quickly if the video size is small. The conversion page will show you the total progress, elapsed time, and remaining time. You can choose no action or to shut down the computer after conversion. If you the "Open output folder" box is checked, the output folder will be activated once you click the "Completion" button.

During the conversion, you can see which file is being converted, the converted length of the current file and the total progress. The elapsed/remaining time is also shown. Besides, you can choose the next action after the conversion by clicking the pull-down list near "After done".

2.2 Use Online Audio Converter

If you don't want to download software, you can use Online Audio Converter as long as you have a computer with Internet access. It's a free online file converter that can works with more than 300 different file formats. Moreover, it can help users extract an audio track from a video, so you can use it to convert MP4 file to M4A.

Step 1. Choose Files

Click "Open files" to select the files you want to convert. Besides, you can import files from Google Drive, Dropbox or a website by entering the site's URL.

Open File

Step 2. Specify Output Format

After uploading the MP4 file, Online Audio Converter will show the document's size and its upload speed. Then choose M4A as the output format. You can choose the output file's quality by dragging the slider. In addition, you can try more settings by clicking "Advanced settings" and "Edit track info" button.

Step 3. Convert

After you finish all the settings, click "Convert" button and Online Audio Converter will start the conversion.

Step 4. Save Converted File

When the conversion is completed, you can choose to save the converted file in your computer by clicking "Download" button. Also, you can save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

2.3 Use CloudConvert

CloudConvert is also a free online converter which supports more than 200 formats. It's a cloud platform and you don't need to worry about the compatibility issue between CloudConvert and your computer operation.

Step 1. Import Files

CloudConvert provides various ways of importing files. You can directly select the MP4 files you want to convert by clicking "Select Files" button. You can also load files from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and an online website.

Online CloudConvert

Step 2. Set Output Format

Select M4A as the output file's format from the pull-down list. Compared to VideoSolo Free Video Converter I introduced above, CloudConvert doesn't offer the right to edit the converted file name before the conversion.

Step 3. Convert

Click red "Start Conversion" button in the right bottom corner and start the conversion.

Step 4. Save Converted File

After conversion, you can download the converted file by clicking green "Download" button and you can see the converted document's size.

After reading this article, do you know how to convert MP4 to M4A? I believe these recommended three ways will help you. Have a try, and you will realize how useful they are.