Are you the movie fans? And did you pool a number of movies in your computer or even prepare extra specific mobile HDDs for likable video and audio files. However, you could find that not all video files are able to meet your demand in their image quality.

Do not worry. This article will give you a satisfying answer to your problem. Then you can play high definition MKV videos on different devices as long as they support. But what on earth is MKV?

Now, let's begin our guides about converting MP4 to MKV.

Part 1. What Benefits We Can Get From MKV

After the advent of MP4 format, it is widely used in different website and devices as one of important mainstream video formats. However, with the development of media technology, many hot electronics like Samsung, Huawei P10 and iPhone X support and prefer high definition MKV videos.

Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) is an open standard other than a compressed video format, which can coordinate with other types of encoded media files. So this all-in-one media format enables both video and audio get across to the best container and play on various portable devices.

In addition to its compatibility, MKV, as one of most famous high definition video format, would give you better visual effects. All in all, do you think MKV is the best choice for wonderful watching experience? If so, just keep reading.

Part 2. Convert DVD Video with VideoSolo Free Video Converter

At first, we will recommend you a totally useful and decent converter, called VideoSolo Free Video Converter. This desktop third-party program has the powerful ability in conversion, not only between MP4 and MKV but also all almost existing video formats. In addition, it offers simple video editing function. Follow the steps below, you will perform conversion from MP4 to MKV with high speed. It is worthy to notice that this tool is free of charge.

The Basic Steps as Follow

Step 1. Stream MP4 Files into Converter

Launch the program and click the blue button "Add Files" to import videos you wish to transfer or drag the file into the dotted box on the main interface directly.

Add Files

Step 2. Select Output Format

Select the final format by clicking the drop arrow beside the "Output Format". Then the page would switch to category, choose MKV Video Format from the "General Video".

Hint: You have more choices at the "Settings" category like video resolution, bitrate, etc. as you want.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Start MP4 to MKV Conversion

When all settings are settled down, please click the orange button "Convert". Then you will have an ultrafast experience about converting from MP4 to MKV. Within a few seconds or minutes, the preset folder would pop up on your desktop, which includes your transferred video files. Typically, this converter allows batch operation.

Start Converting MP4

Part 3. Convert MP4 Video with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is also a good method to help you manage media conversion easily, which makes its users a wide range of output formats available. So you will have similar freedom as VideoSolo Free Video Converter for various existing media conversion. Of course, this professional tool supports video editing like rotate, clip, crop, watermark and video enhancement.

Now you can try its strong converting function after downloading it. And we will give you detailed guides to have your conversion done.

The Basic Steps as follow

Step 1. Add MP4 Video to the Converter

Open VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate to launch it. Then import your aiming file by clicking "Add Files". Or choose a more direct way by dragging the media files into the interface.

Add Files

Step 2. Select MKV as Output Format

Go for "General Video" category page after clicking the down arrow beside "Profile". Then select "MKV Video Format" as output format. Remember to preset the destination folder at the bottom in advance.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Start MP4 to MKV Conversion

Now, you can start your conversion from MP4 to MKV with a click of your mouse at "Convert" button on the main interface. With a fast speed, you can get the resulted files from preset destination folder.

Start MP4 to MKV

Though it's strong function similar to VideoSolo Free Video Converter, some people aren't prepared for sacrificing extra money for media conversion. In this case, we recommend the first method again.

To conclude, MKV as MP4's competitor in video format has a unique advantage in high visual effect. So this article introduces movie fans two professional programs for MP4 to MKV conversion. Though the similar compatibility and speed between these two tools, we recommend you better to have VideoSolo Free Video Converter if you don't need too many editing functions.