As the subject show, this article is to discuss how to use a simple-control video converter to convert MP4 to WebM. Speaking of WebM, it is an open and royalty-free audiovisual media file format designed for the web. If you want to upload some videos that are original in MP4 format to the web, convert them to WebM is popular, since its better compression and highest quality real-time video delivery.

Now we are going to briefly introduce WebM format so you will know how to set when converting MP4 to WebM. Then we will guide you step-by-step on how to convert MP4 to WebM using a video converter.

Descriptions about WebM VP8 and VP9

WebM is a media container format sponsored by Google. By saying container format, we mean that WebM consist of two different video codec – VP8 and VP9.

VP9 is a newer codec updated in 2013. When it comes to the resultant quality of the compressed video, VP9 is better than VP8. Google already used WebM VP9 to compress its own collection of 4K content on YouTube. Therefore, web browser users around the world can easily view the high-quality video, with relatively low bandwidth. However, VP8 takes up less CPU to compress video. You can choose one of them when converting MP4 to WebM, but we think VP9 may be a better choice.

Tips: If you want to download YouTube video as WebM VP9 format, you can use VideoSolo Online Video Downloader.

Convert MP4 to WebM with the Best Video Converter

To convert MP4 to WebM easily and quickly, a professional and easy-to-use video converter can do a big favor. Here I will strongly recommend such a video converter – VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. With the help of this converter, just several simple steps, you can get a WebM VP8/VP9 video converted from MP4.

If you have further demands on a large amount of MP4 videos to convert, this video converter can also help on it. It supports converting batch files to WebM without quality loss. With this converter, you can also edit video materials with the provided template, add an external subtitle and so on. What’s more, this converter not only supports conversion from MP4 to WebM, it also supports converting from/to more than 300 formats.

Here I will show you the step-by-step guide to do the MP4-to-WebM conversion.

Step 1. Launch the Program and Add MP4 File

Launch VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, and then click "Add File" to select the MP4 video you want to convert to WebM. Please note that you can select multiple files to process converting at the same time.

Add MP4 File

Step 2. Select WebM Output Format and the Output Folder

Click on the list of the "Profile", you can find "WebM VP9 – WebM Video (*.webm)" in the "General Video" column, or find "WebM – VP9 4K WebM Video (*.webm)" in the "4K Video" column if you want to convert an Ultra HD MP4 video. A more convenient way is to directly search "WebM" in the search bar.

If you want to change the default output folder path, you can click on "Browse" to select a new folder.

Choose WebM Output Format

Step 3. Simply Clip and Edit the Video (Optional)

You are allowed to clip the unwanted part, rotate the video, crop the video area, change some visual effect in VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate before converting to WebM. If you need to do professional video editing, you can try EditFUN, a multitrack editor which can help you create some interesting videos.

Edit MP4 Video before Conversion

Step 4. Start Converting MP4 to WebM

Click the "Convert" button to start converting MP4 to WebM. You can also select actions like opening the output folder after the converting completed.

Start Converting MP4 to WebM

To summarize, WebM is becoming more and more popular and is widely used through the web. It has a great balance between quality and compression. Knowing how to convert MP4 or other formats to WebM are useful and important, so we recommend the best converter to you. Hope this article can help you solve the problem.