Have you ever met trouble enjoying OGV videos? What will you do to fix this problem? I believe when facing problems with opening an OGV video file on your devices, most users tend to seek for the solutions online. And you will get to know the crucial reason is if those OGV videos are compatible with your devices or not. Then what drives us crazy are various methods are given to deal with our problems but users still feel confused about those selections or the two similar formats about OGV and OGG.

Wanna find the most effective way to make your OGV videos playable on your devices with very simple instruction? That's what we gonna show you in this article. All you need to do is to convert OGV to other formats with the only several-steps tutorial. Now, let's make it clear about the OGV and OGG format first!

Part 1. One Minute to Figure out OGG & OGV

OGG, created by the Xiph.Org Foundation, is a completely free, open and patent-free container format for digital multimedia, which is commonly designed for the file format to encode free content(like free music file) and supported by many portable media players.

Although OGG is a multimedia file format supported audio, video and subtitle streams, it is mainly known as OGG Vorbis, an audio file format, which is similar to MP3 format. Here, Vorbis refers to a specific audio compression scheme specifically used for the container OGG, hence the name - OGG Vorbis. And compared to MP3, the most different is that OGG Vorbis is a free, open and unpatented audio format with a higher quality but smaller size occupation. By supporting both stereo and multi-channel, OGG is becoming a more and more popular audio format among the listeners.

OGV, originated form OGG container format, commonly refers to a video file format called OGG Theora under HTML5(with its extension name .ogv ). Similarly, based on the framework of OGG, Theora is designed for the video file format, supported by many target media players to open, play. And it also provides all necessary Xiph.org codecs to be installed and supplied by the players(such as VLC).

By the way, if OGV video files are embedded into HTML5 web pages before opening, those videos can be directly played by most web browsers.

Now we are clear about the OGV and OGG format. So if we are facing problems to open an OGV video file with our devices, what should we do? That's what we gonna talk about next.

Part 2. Approaches to Convert OGV Videos to OGG Format

To watch OGV videos on your devices, you just need to convert OGV videos to OGG format. For this, I want to introduce the best free OGV converter to you first. That is VideoSolo Free Video Converter. If you want to watch any OGV videos with your devices for convenience, you can directly convert OGV videos to the specific format that is compatible with your devices. And now Let's walk through this simple converting tutorials and get it done by yourselves.

Step 1. Run the Software

After downloading the software above, run the software that matches on your computer system.

Step 2. Add the OGV video to Software

On the page of VideoSolo, click "Add Files" button to add the OGV video you have downloaded.

Note: Compared to the online video converter, batch conversion is supported by VideoSolo Free Video converter, so you can add a whole folder or multiple files for conversion, which is more time-saving for users.

Add Files

Step 3. Click "Output Format" Option to Select the Output Format

After adding OGV audio, click "Output Format" option at the bottom left corner of the main interface. Then you will see many formats listed for you to choose from. It is the same as to convert other video formats to OGV.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Click "Convert" to Get Other Formats

Click "Convert" button on the bottom of right corner directly to change. When it is over, you can find the video from the folder you have set up.

Convert Video

Compared with all the online video converters, the specified size and a few given format selections are strongly affect the quality of users' OGV videos. Besides, one thing to note is that it really costs too much time to have it completed because we need to do it online!  However, VideoSolo Free Video Converter would better your video conversion with less time-consuming and allow size-free uploaded videos. Since it is a perfect OGV converter with simple editing function. Want more editing with your OGV video? Then, here is the excellent OGV video converter we want to introduce to you. That is VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.


(1) It can easily help you convert videos and audios to 300+ formats(M4A, FLAC, MP4, AAC or OGG, MP3...) that supported by most devices and it also offers some extra functions.

(2) Batch files are supported for conversion by the software to save your time!

(3) Before conversion, if you need to edit your audio or video files, such as rotating, cropping, adding cool viewing or sounds effects or watermark etc, this video converter's excellent editing features are available to satisfy you well.

(4) Moreover, it is also a fast-speed converter for offering convenience and efficiency. All these functions enable you to get a better quality playing and watching experience!

That's it! With VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate introduced above, now you can convert videos to or from OGV format with high quality and the same size you want easily and edit your videos for more playing effects! Enjoy!