Is It Possible to Convert SD Video in Low Quality to HD Video?

By Karen Nelson Last updated : April 20, 2020

If you happen to shoot one SD video with your phone at your friend's wedding, and eargerly want to save it as a memento. More to the point, you particularly wish to convert the whole SD video in low quality to HD video to have one more wonderful viewing experience. Yet you're not sure what to do. You are uncertain is it possible to realize this. Now go on reading the whole text and it would give you a definite answer to the problem.

Is It Possible to Convert SD Video in Low Quality to HD Video?

Factually speaking, you're unable to directly get HD video by simply converting SD Video. If you want to know the reason, you first should know more details about SD video and HD video.

SD: SD is short for standard definition, which comes 720 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall.

HD: HD also called as high definition, is generally 1,920 pixels wide and 1,080 pixels tall.

As we all know, video quality mainly depends on video codec and video bitrate. Generally speaking, the higher the video bitrate you have, the better the video quality you have. There are several reasons which indicate that you can't directly get HD video by converting SD video. The pixel has been decided in advance at the beginning of imaging. The more pixels, the sharper your photo/video. The lower resolution video that has high bitrate doesn't usually be considered as HD video. Therefore, you can't get the HD video from SD video by simply changing the pixel.

Now you know that it's impossible to convert SD video in low quality to HD video. But high definition video is definitely far superior in color and resolution over SD video. So, if you still want to try to convert the SD video to HD, one program is here to help you. You'll learn how to do it in the next part, now let's go on.

How to Convert SD Video to HD video with Simple Steps

The program we want to introduce here is VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate . It's not a simply converter but also comes with a video enhancer that allows to improve the output video quality. Actually, it provides 4 options to you: upscale video resolution, adjust brightness and contrast, remove background noise and fix shaky videos. You can through these 4 ways to improve your video quality.

Really sorry that VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate for Windows has a update which removed the "Video Enhance" feature. To get more details, you can read on VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate Updated: What's New in this Release?

So. here we only show you how to convert SD to HD on Mac.

# Step 1. Load the Source SD Video Files

After you've launched the program, you could view its main interface below. Click the "Add Files" button to load the source videos that you want to improve its quality. The loaded videos could be displayed in the interface.

Load Video

# Step 2. Improve Video Resolution to Enhance Video Quality

After that, you could click "Video Enhance" at the top bar to pop up the video enhancement window. And then many kinds of choices that you could make to improve the output video quality.

Since that you want to convert SD to HD, then you could choose "Upscale resolution" to enhance the output video resolution, and then click the "Apply" button to complete the step.

Improve Video Resolution

# Step 3. Convert SD Video to HD Video

Once all of your desired settings are done, you could start to convert SD video to HD video by clicking the "Convert" button, and it would activate the converting window where the conversion process could be viewed clearly.

Convert SD Video to HD Video

The whole process would only take several minutes depending on the network status and video file size. After that you could find the converted videos in the output folder. Now you're able to view the resulting effect by comparing to the original SD videos.