What is VOB?

VOB, for Video Object, is the container format in DVD-Video media containing a majority of the data stored on the disc, including digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigation contents. Filename extension of VOB file is .vob.

Is It Possible to Convert VOB to MP4?

A VOB file is a movie data file from a DVD disc, typically stored in the VIDEO_TS directory at the root of a DVD. As most commercial DVDs are copyright-protected, VOB files stored in the DVD may be encrypted. They can be played on the DVD player, VLC media player, and more, provided that they are unencrypted. To play VOB files on other unauthorized devices, you must encrypt them. But the thing is copying the file to another location can result in unexpected errors. To safely and successfully convert VOB to MP4, you just need to take 3 steps with a reliable VOB to MP4 Converter – VideoSolo Free Video Converter.

Why Choose VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is well-known as an extremely efficient and powerful converter program that majors in converting videos in all kinds of formats into different formats. The program employs the latest and most powerful conversion technology for video, leading to a satisfactory conversion result. During conversion, VideoSolo Free Video Converter can keep every image or soundtrack in the video, without removing any clip or compromising the quality of the converted video. As a result, video converted from VideoSolo Free Video Converter can keep the high quality as the original version.

Additionally, to the satisfactory conversion result, VideoSolo Free Video Converter also brings excellent user experience to its users due to the intuitive interface and simple function buttons. Once you open the program, you can understand how to proceed to perform the conversion even without a tutorial.

To facilitate conversion procedure, the VideoSolo Free Video Converter also allows users to batch importing files into the program as well as one-click conversion. Better yet, the program is equipped numerous custom settings, for example, converted format setting, conversion speed control, output folder setting, etc. All these user-friendly designs will make the software meet your needs to the great maximum extent.

Preparation Jobs

#1 Download/Copy VOB Files to PC

First of all, you need to copy VOB files that you want to convert to MP4 format from the DVD to your computer.

#2 Download VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Download the installation package by clicking the download button we offer below. Please note that both Windows and Mac version are supported. Just download the right version for your computer.

When download step is finished, install VideoSolo Free Video Converter on your computer by following the tips.

Convert VOB Files to MP4 with 3 Steps

Step 1. Import VOB Files to VideoSolo Free Video Converter

When the program is open, the "Free Video Converter" is selected by default as the figure shown below. Click the blue "Add File(s)" button. Then the "Select Video File" window will pop up. You can locate and select the VOB files from your computer. VideoSolo Free Video is so user-friendly that it supports batch importing multiple files. This can help you save time as you don't need to add files again and again.

Add Files

Step 2. Adjust Output Settings

This is the key step, which ensures you to convert the video clip into the right format. At the bottom of the interface, click and open the output format drop-down list. Then select the device where you want to play your video and choose the output format. To convert VOB to MP4, you should choose MP4 format.

Additionally, you can define the output folder where you want to save the converted video files. This is optional. Do it if necessary.

Furthermore, you can click the gear icon next to the video filename to open the "Profile Settings" page. Video settings include the encoder, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, and video bitrate.

Output Settings

Step 3. Convert VOB Video to MP4

After video clips are imported and output settings are done, click the "Convert" button at the lower-right corner. VideoSolo Free Video Converter will convert the VOB video into MP4. The last step can take some time, mainly depending on the file size. You can view the progress and the converted length of the current file.

Convert VOB Video to MP4

After converting the VOB files into MP4, you can play them on most mainstream portable devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7/7s/7, and more. This is because MP4 is a popular compatible video format.