Nowadays, there are more and more people choose to watch videos in online video players. But sometimes you will find that some videos are only supported by some specific browsers. That's because the HTML5 video's format is WebM, which isn't supported by all browsers. And you need to convert it to MP4 with the help of a WebM to MP4 converter.

What's WebM

WebM is an open and royalty-free media file format for HTML5 video and HTML5 audio. For various browsers, native WebM is supported by Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. But Internet Explorer 9 and Safari for Mac OS X require third-party WebM software. As for mobile operation, Android is WebM-enabled since version 2.3 Gingerbread and iOS doesn't natively play WebM.

Why Convert WebM to MP4

As I introduced above, if you want to play HTML5 videos on all the modern browsers, you need to make sure all of the supporting WebM or you have to rely on a WebM to MP4 converter to convert the files' format.

Three Free Ways to Convert WebM to MP4

Method 1. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a one-stop tool which you can convert, edit and enhance videos. It allows you to convert all existing formats, let alone WebM. If you want to use it to convert WebM to MP4, just download it to your computer and follow the below steps to finish.

Step 1. Launch the Program and Add WebM File(s)

After downloading and installing VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, you can double-click its icon to launch it. Then you can click "Add File" button in the navigation bar to add WebM file. Alternatively, you can click "Load Disc" button to import file from the disc you choose, or you can click "Download" button to download the file you want to convert from a website.

Add File

Step 2. Select MP4 as the Output Format for the WebM Converter

Click the pull-down list next to "Profile" and select mp4 as the output format in "General Video".

Set Output Format

You may notice that there are two kinds of MP4 format. One is MPEG-4 Video, the other is H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video. MPEG-4 Video is a compression standard for network broadcast and video communication, with small size and high-quality picture. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video is the extension of MPEG4 video format, with high compression rate.

Step 3. (Optional) Edit WebM Video Before the Conversion

Before conversion, you can select the output folder of the converted files by clicking "Browse" button.

Select Destination

Besides, if you want to create a new name for the converted file, you can click the pencil icon near the file name and then edit it.

Step 4. Start Converting WebM to MP4

Finally, click "Convert" button in the right corner of the interface to start the batch conversion process.

Convert WebM to MP4

Method 2. Online Converter

Zamzar is a free online converter which supports over 1200 different video/audio formats conversion. With this, you don't need to download the software and it makes sure that the conversion will complete in under 10 minutes.

Step 1. Choose WebM files by clicking "Choose Files..." button or directly drag the file you want to convert to the website. Alternatively, if you want to convert the file from a website, you can click the underlined link text "URL".

Step 2. Choose MP4 as the output format in the pull-down list.

Step 3. Zamzar doesn't offer you the choice to choose the folder you want to store the converted file. You have to enter your email address in the black text box so that you can receive the file you convert.

Step 4. Click "Convert" button and it will automatically convert WebM file to MP4. What you have to know is that clicking the Convert button means you agree to Zamza's Terms.

Upload File to Zamzar

Method 3. VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a free converter which supports converting to and from more than 300 video/audio formats. With this program, you can easily and fastly convert WebM to MP4.

Step 1. Import WebM files you want to convert by clicking "Add File(s)" button. And you can choose to add file or add a folder in the pull-down list.

Add Files

Step 2. Choose MP4 format in "General Video" by clicking the pull-down list next to "Output format". And you will find that VideoSolo Free Video Converter also offers two kinds of MP4 format. You can see the difference between the two formats in Method 1.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. (Optional) If you want to select another folder to keep the converted file, you can click "Open Folder" to select.

Step 4. Click "Convert" button to start the conversion process and then you can get MP4 file.

Converting Video

Can you successfully convert WebM file to MP4 by following the steps in this tutorial? I believe it's easy for you to learn how to use the three tools I introduced above and you can enjoy the video you like after reading this article.