Many windows users use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit videos and may have many WLMP video or audio files on their PC. When they try to play these video files or when they try to share the video files with their friends on QuickTime, Mac or iPhone, they find it doesn't work for WLMP file is not supported by these devices. How to solve this problem? All you have to do is to convert WLMP to MOV format that Mac or iPad supports. Now, this post will give you a quick guide to convert WLMP to MOV on both Windows and Mac with VideoSolo Free Video Converter.

Something to Know About WLMP and WMV

Technically, WLMP is not a video file but a project file of Windows Live Movie Maker on Window 7 or Window 8. This project file can only be opened by Windows Live Movie Maker but can be saved as WMV or MP4 video to make it playable on window devices. However, there are some Mac/iPhone users who want to convert WLMP to MOV format to enjoy them on Apple devices. To do that, you are required to do another step - convert WMV or MP4 video to MOV format. And, you need a video converter to help you do that. Today, you can find the complete solution here. Keep reading.

Steps to Export WMV Files from WLMP

Step 1. Launch Windows Live Movie Maker; Click File -> Open Project to import the. WLMP project file; Click 'Save Movie' button to start saving.

Open Project and Save Movie

Step 2. Click File -> Save Movie -> save the WLMP project file as WMV format.

Save as WMV Format

Convert WLMP to MOV with VideoSolo Free Video Converter on Windows

Saving WLMP as WMV is only the first step. Next, you need to convert the saved WLMP files in MWV format to MOV format that compatible with all Apple devices. VideoSolo Free Video Converter is highly recommended to realize this conversion as this converter can convert MWV to not only MOV but also MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV formats. Download it on your PC you will find you can realize the conversion between almost all formats with it. What is more, the conversion through this converter is fast and simple with only three steps, now let's see how to convert WLMP to MOV on windows with VideoSolo Free Video Converter.

Step 1. Add WLMP File Saved as WMV Video to the Program

Click "Add File" button of the program to open the WLMP in WMV format.

Add Files

Step 2. Select Output Format and Output Folder

Click drop-down button of the program to select the output format from "General Video" and select the output folder. Click the convert button and start converting WMV to MOV.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Complete the Conversion Process

Click the complete button after the conversion format and find from the output folder the converted MOV video you want.

Complete the Process

Convert WLMP to MOV with VideoSolo Free Video Converter on Mac

Since there is no Windows Live Movie Maker on Mac computer, you can't convert WLMP to MOV with Mac directly. To achieve the conversion, you have to save WLMP as WMV format on computers with Windows systems, export the WMV files to your Mac and then convert it to MOV on Mac. You need both Mac and Windows computers in this process, which is really complicated. So, it's really unnecessary to convert WLMP to MOV format on Mac.

Download the converter VideoSolo Free Video Converter and you can successfully convert you WLMP videos to MOV and enjoy the WLMP files on QuickTime or Mac or iPhone. Now you or your friends are watching the videos on your Mac, you find that some clips or streams need to be edited again, what will you do? No worry, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate comes to help. This software can not only realize video or audio conversion like VideoSolo Free Video Converter but also helps to edit the videos like enhancing the video quality and editing the clips you want.

Turn to VideoSolo Free Video Converter next time you have a trouble opening WLMP files on QuickTime or Mac. And turn to VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate when you want to enjoy the extra function of editing your video files again.