It is known that WMA format has two forms, one is lossless and the other lossy. We can get the general idea from the literal meaning that the lossless one is in higher quality than the lossy one. However, the lossless one can only be played in Windows Media Player but not other players, so it is necessary to convert WMA lossless format to others, like FLAC, which can be played in lots of players and is more convenient. Here, I notice a converter provides the conversion between WMA and FLAC formats – VideoSolo Free Video Converter, why I recommend this one is mostly? Because it is a great helper and it is FREE.

Tutorial on How to Convert WMA Lossless to FLAC

1.1 A brief Introduction to VideoSolo Free Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a utility which supports more than 300 video/audio conversions, such as the popular MP4, MOV, MP3, FLAC, etc. This video converter also provides editing of videos if you would like to convert videos not just audios. Most importantly, it is a very convenient one for converting audio files (like WMA to FLAC), try it, and it will definitely surprise you.

1.2 Steps to Convert WMA Lossless to FLAC by VideoSolo

Step 1. Download and Launch the VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Click VideoSolo Free Video Converter, and click free download. After installation, open it and enter the main interface.

Step 2. Add WMA File to VideoSolo

Click "Add File(s)" to import your WMA files, VideoSolo supports importing several files at one time, so you can add the whole folder.

Add WMA Audio Files

Step 3. Choose FLAC as an Output Format

Click the drop-down bar to type "FLAC" for faster finding the FLAC format, you can click "Apply to all" if you are operating the batch conversion.

General Audio

Step 4. Convert WMA Lossless File to FLAC

Before you start the conversion, if you have the specific folder to store the converted files, you can change the destination, and then click "Convert" to start conversion. The converted files are available few minutes later.

Merge WMA Files

Additional Tips About WMA Lossless and FLAC

#1. What Is WMA (Lossless)?

WMA (short for Windows Media Audio) is a name of series of audio codecs and Microsoft which develops the corresponding audio coding formats. It has lossless and lossy forms and the lossless one would be higher in quality of audio than the lossy one.

What is more, it is one of the four codecs supported by Windows Media Audio Encoder and has been reverse-engineered and both FFmpeg and libav support the format to some degree.

#2. What Is the Purpose of WMA Lossless?

WMA lossless is a lossless audio codec that competes with other lossless formats such as ATRAC Advanced lossless, Dolby TrueHD, FLAC, Apple Lossless, etc. It is designed for the archival purposes, compressing audio signals without loss of quality from the original using VBR.

Compared to WMA Pro, the WMA Lossless decoder also can perform downmixing when the capable audio hardware is not present.

#3. Why Convert to FLAC Format?

As what I have mentioned before, WMA Lossless is mostly supported by Windows Media Player, so what if you bring the wrong player when you go out? I suggest the best way is to convert your WMA lossless files to FLAC format because it is an open source format and customization is available. WMA lossless and FLAC both have similar compression ratios, but FLAC is more robust technologically. So FLAC format is strongly suggested here.

By following my steps, do you know how to convert WMA lossless files to FLAC format by VideoSolo Free Video Converter? With the easy operating system, hope you guys can master it as well as you can, and share it with your friends. If you want to know more information about how to convert video/audio amongst different formats, you can follow us to get the additional information. Enjoy your time.