How to Make A Backup Copy of Protected DVD Disc

By Karen Nelson Last updated : February 03, 2021

For you DVD fans who have a large collection of DVD discs, you may want to find out a better way to keep your DVD contents. The quickest way is to make a backup copy of the DVD to hard drive or your computer. Well, it is easy for home-made DVDs, but not commercial encrypted DVDs. Most commercial DVDs are copy-protected, then how to copy protected DVD for backup? A natural way out of this issue is to seek the help of a reliably protected DVD copy software. For the details, please turn to the following part and read the elaboration.

Part 1. What is Copy Protected DVD?

Generally speaking, copy protected DVD is a DVD implement some protection mechanism into the coding way of the DVD contents. Currently, there are 3 types of DVD protections in the market.

Region code: This DVD copy protection means DVD divides into 6 regions depending on the distributed country and region. You need to get the corresponding DVD player to play the DVD.

CSS (Content Scrambling System): This is a digital rights management (DRM) and encryption system used to stop DVD from being illegally copied or piracy.

Disney X-Project DRM Protection: This is a copy protection technology invented by Disney for Disney holds strict defense to its brands and serial product. Most Disney DVD discs have met this DRM restriction.

In most cases, your purchased DVDs may come into one of the encryption method. Thus, if you want to play them, you need to copy them to new DVD disc or for backup as ISO files or DVD folders first, and that is why you need to take the protected DVD copy software into account. Now, we are willing to offer you a nice friend to solve the annoying situation.

How to Copy Protected DVD with the Best DVD Copy?

On this issue, VideoSolo DVD Copy is the best software I would highly recommend to you. This program serves as the best choice to eradicate the DVD copy protection with superior performance. It can copy and decrypt commercial DVDs to new DVD disc or save as ISO image files or DVD folders with 1:1 original quality. What's more, after decryption, you can choose the suitable copy mode and make copy as you like among three copy modes including Full Copy, Main Movie and Customize. The whole process will be very fast and suitable.

Below is a simple solution on how to copy protected DVD, I will take "save as ISO image files" as an example, please check.

# Step 1. Import Source Files

When you downloaded and installed the VideoSolo DVD Copy on your computer, launch the program to enter into the main interface. Click the button of "File" then ""Select Source" to import the DVD disc. It generally takes few minutes to load files.

Import Source Files

# Step 2. Choose The Target Format

After importing the files, the program will automatically decrypt and load the contents out to the DVD copy. Then you can select the "Target"" button and choose the output format you want. Here you need to choose "Save as ISO".

Choose Target Format

# Step 3. Select Copy Mode

There are 3 copy modes including "Full Copy" which means copying the whole DVD disc; "Main Movie" which means copying the main movie only; and "Customize" which means copying the parts of DVD you like.

Select Copy Mode

# Step 4. Start Copying Protected DVD

Finally, when all the settings are done, you can just click on "Start" button to copy your DVD movie.

Copy Protected DVD

When it is finished, please find the files on the target folder and you can do everything with the files as you like. Please note that if you want to copy the protected DVD into a new DVD disc and your computer has 2 disc drives, you can easily go through with the above steps, or you should copy your DVD movie into ISO image and then burn the ISO image to a new blank DVD.

In a word, when you come with a powerful third-party tool like VideoSolo DVD Copy, you can copy protected DVD for backup without efforts. The program is very easy-to-use and perfectly suitable for backing up protected DVD. While, if you think that to decrypt and rip protected DVD to digital is more cconvenient to back up the DVD, then you may go with this method, which is also a widely adopted method. Why not dowaload and try it yourself?