Cropping is one quite common and frequent operation when we are making videos – crop the part you want from a video and trim off the unnecessary area. Though many video cropping tools can help us crop MP4, MOV, AVI video and so on, among them, a convenient and easy-to-use one is definitely warmly welcomed by many video-making amateurs.

Crop MP4 Video with an All-in-one Video Converter

Some of the video converters equip with basic video editing functions such as cropping, clipping, rotating, and so on, which is enough and quite convenient for daily use. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is such an all-in-one video converter. You are able to crop the imported MP4 video – crop any part of the video to fill the screen. You can custom the area size, aspect ratio, and the position of the crop area.

At the meantime, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate enables users to convert video to/from over 300 formats, cut the video, increase video resolution, etc. Feel free to download this all-inclusive video converter and follow the instruction to see how we can crop an MP4 video with it.

Step 1. Add Target MP4 Video

Download and install VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and then launch it. Click "Add Files" to import the wanted MP4 video or just drag and drop your MP4 video to the panel of the converter. If you have a lot of MP4 video files that are needed to be cropped, add all the MP4 video files in batch.

Add MP4 File

Step 2. Click on "Edit" Icon

Select the wanted MP4 video file, click "Edit" and choose the "Rotate Crop" function from the menu. You can directly adjust the cropping area with your mouse or set the cropping area by changing the value. You can also preview the effects on "Output Preview" after customizing the crop area.

Crop MP4 Video

Crop Area Size: Enable you to set the aspect ratio of the crop area as "Original", "Crop area", "16:9", or "4:3".

Position of Crop Area: You can set the position precisely by entering the value.

Zoom Mode: When the crop area is different with the original video in aspect ratio, you can choose one of the zoom modes from "Letterbox", "Medium", "Pan & Scan", and "Full".

Step 3. Select an Output MP4 Video

Click the drop-down list of "Convert All to" and choose an MP4 format in "Video". The most common choice would be "MP4".

Choose an MP4 Format

Step 4. Export the Cropped MP4 Video

After cropping your MP4 file and select the output format, click the "Convert All" button and wait for a second. Your cropped MP4 video will soon be perfectly converted.

Download this easy-to-use converter on your computer, follow the steps mentioned above, you could crop your MP4 file with ease and high efficiency.

Crop the Video with a Professional Video Editor

There will be times when you need to crop the video and draw the viewers' attention to the important part of the video. You may also want to change the video size and then make the content better fit this size. This is what EditFUN can help you.

Step 1. Launch EditFUN and the project window will pop up. On the "New project" panel, you can set the project size in the "Resolution" line. For example, if you want to upload a video to LGTV, you can set "Resolution" as "Mobile" to make sure the aspect ratio is 9:16.

Change the Project Size

Step 2. Launch EditFUN, and then click the "Import" button to add MP4 video file.

Import MP4 Video

Step 3. Drag the MP4 video to the timeline. Then go to "Effect" and you will find the "Rotate and Scale" option and the "Crop" option. "Rotate and Scale" is able to zoom in the important part of the video. The part that exceeds the project size will be automatically cropped off. "Crop" is able to keep only a part of the video frame, so the other parts are black. Judge according to your needs, and add one of the effects on the video clip.

Crop MP4 Video

After that, all you have to do is to export the project and you will get the cropped MP4 video file.

That's all we are sharing today. We are looking forward to knowing your thought about VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and EditFUN. Just feel free to leave your comment or questions below after reading this passage. If you know any other practical ways to crop MP4 video, you can share with us as well. Thanks for reading.