Do you have the problems like:

• You aren't satisfied with the audio in the video and want to remove it.

• Need to add another audio track to a video.

When edit videos, many of users may meet such problems that need to detach audio from the original video file. To solve those issues, all you need is an audio extractor which can help you to make the audio and video separated. And VideoSolo EditFUN is that tool.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to detach audio from video with few clicks. Before we start, you can download the EditFUN from button below.

Check the Steps to Remove Audio from Video

Step 1. Add Video to the Library

Click on "Import" button to import your video to the media library. Or you can drag and drop the videos to the library directly.

Step 2. Extract Audio from Video

Drag the video from the library into timeline. Now you need to right click the video on the track and select "Audio Separation". Immediately, the audio will be detached from the video and automatically placed in another track.

Now, you can delete the audio track or just add another audio track to your video.

Seperate Audio from Video

Step 3. Save the Audio Track (Optional)

If you want to export the single audio track, you need to delete the video track and then click "Export" button to save this track on your computer.

The output audio formats supported by EditFUN are: .mp3, .wav, .flac.

You can do the further editing on the separated audio, add another track to the video or record your own voice over to add into the video. Do the thing you like and VideoSolo EditFUN will all help you do all of it.