Since its launch, Facebook has successfully attracted zillions of visitors every day. Reasons for choosing it as one of the major entertaining platforms are various, but video sharing and watching in Facebook must take a place here. But how can you download Facebook video to your computer, Android or iOS supported phones without having to pay? It is actually quite easy to do so. In the following minutes, you are going to learn some simple methods to download Facebook video for free to your digital devices.

There are plenty of Facebook video downloaders indeed, yet they either have the risk of stealing your Facebook account and password or occupy quite a space of your hard drive. So the best tool to download Facebook to your computer/iOS/Android is an online tool. Here I strongly recommend VideoSolo Online Video Downloader , which is quite easy to use.

As a free web-based video tool to handle all the download needs for Facebook and other trending media platforms, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader enjoys a positive reputation for its intuitive interface, simple operational procedures and strong output formats. You can easily grab your favourite video off Facebook with the help of it.

Now let's look at the simple walkthrough about Facebook video download.

Download Facebook Video on Your Computer

On any computer, as long as there is a browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc.), you are free to download Facebook video as you like.

Step 1. Head to the Facebook Video Page and Copy Facebook Video URL

Open the browser on your computer, and search for the Facebook video you want to download. While playing the video, you should right-click the video within the video frame. Then select "Show video URL" among the selections.

It pops up a small window with a link filled in it. First, left-click the link to select the whole text, then right-click it and select "Copy".

Step 2. Go to the Program Main Page and Paste URL

Head toVideoSolo Online Video Downloader to turn to its main page and enter the video link in the text box. Press the "Download" button to encode the video from Facebook.

Copy Facebook URL on Computer

Step 3. Select the Video Format and Begin the Download

Within seconds, it appears a list of formats for you to choose as the output profile. Make your choice before pressing the "Download" button to the right hand. Now, let VideoSolo Online Video Downloader do its final job and then you can get the downloaded Facebook video to your hard drive.

Paste Facebook URL on Computer

Grab Video from Facebook to iOS Devices

It is a bit more complicated to download Facebook video to iPhone compared with on Laptop or Android. But it requires one more step.

Step 1. Get "Documents" in App Store

First of all, go to the "App Store" on your iPhone to install "Documents". After installation, activate the program and go to on its search bar.

Download Documents on iPhone

Step 2. Duplicate Video URL from Facebook and Enter the Video URL

Open the Facebook on your browser and go to the page where the video you want to download is played. Copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.

Next, turn back to VideoSolo Online Video Downloader's main page on "Documents", and enter the video link you just copied from the browser. Head with "Download" button below the search box.

Step 3. Download Facebook Video

After it pops up a selection of formats, Hit the "Download" button parallel to the format you choose and press "Save" on the pop-up. Then sit back and enjoy the resulting video after several minutes.

Select Facebook Video Format and Save

Get Facebook Video on Android Devices

If you prefer using Android to watch Facebook video offline, then you would probably love this part.

Step 1. Tap on the Facebook Page on the Browser and Copy Video URL

Fire the browser up on Android and turn to the page of Facebook. Play the video that you want to watch on your hard drive.

Afterwards, copy the video URL from the address bar of the browser.

Step 2. Paste Video URL in the Search Box

Create a new tab and redirect to On its text box insert the video link just copied and hit the "Download" button below. Then you will see there is a pop-up list of video formats. After deciding on your desired format, tap on the "Download" button and it will automatically save the video to your Android within minutes.

Download Facebook Video on Android

No matter on which digital device you want to download video from Facebook among Laptop, Android or iOS, it is very easy for you to scoop them all within clicks. All of these can be easily done with the help of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader, the free online downloading tool. Now, why not download your favourite Facebook videos at once? Hope the instruction helps.