Instagram is well known for photo sharing, and it also allows users to upload a variety of videos. But unlike saving images, you can't download videos directly from Instagram. So, how to download videos from Instagram seems to be nerve-racking. Saving Instagram videos isn't as complicated as it might seem, if you have the right tools in hand.

VideoSolo Inovideo, a versatile and sleek desktop software, enables you to download videos from Instagram to your computer easily. You don't need to crack the videos or understand abstruse computer skills. With just 4 simple steps, you can watch the videos in high quality on your computer offline. Then you can transfer these videos to your phone to share or repost. This step guarantees the quality of videos and Inovideo provides MP4 video format which is compatible with most devices.

Step 1. Launch VideoSolo Inovideo

Inovideo allows users to download 10 videos in 15 days for free. So you can have a try to use it to grab videos from Instagram. After downloding it, double click to open and then you can see the clean main interface.

Main Interface of Inovideo

Step 2. Copy Instagram Video Link

Open Instagram and choose a post with a video that you want to download. Navigate the window to find the three dots on upper-right corner. Then click it and you will see a pop-up message. On the list, tick "Copy Link" to your clipboard.

Copy Instagram Video Link

Step 3. Insert the Instagram Link to the Box

Now you can insert the link into text box. If you want to change the video's store location, click the option on bottom left corner. Then tap on "Analyze" button and let it complete the analysis.


Step 4. Set up and Save the Instagram Video

In a few seconds, Inovideo will finish analyzing. Now choose the format and quality you want. Click on "Download" to start downloading. After that, sit back and have a cup of coffee before enjoying the Instagram video on your hard drive.

Tip: Now you can transfer the videos from computer to your mobile devices like Android or iOS so that you can watch them anywhere and anytime.

Choose Format

Disclaimer: Please get the PERMISSION from the owner before you repost the videos.

Inovideo tries to make it as simple as possible so that user does not face any issues while downloading the Instagram videos and sure enough it did so. After several steps, you can watch the Instagram videos in MP4 format anywhere and don't need to worry about its compatibility. So why not download inovideo and start your easy download travel? If you meet any problems, please contact the technical team without hesitation.