In 2018, Instagram has announced the number of its active users has topped more than 1 billion for the first time ever. Though many users are attracted by Instagram's picture posting feature, Instagram-video-sharing has been a trend in recent years. If you are one of them, you might sometimes want to save the Instagram video to your hard drive on any digital devices for offline watching or re-sharing with others. Do you know how to do it easily? Here is one versatile method that you can resort to in order to download Instagram video on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Probably you may have heard about some third-parties which are able to download video from Instagram, but chances are that these so-called free Instagram video downloaders usually come with ad-ware. So the best way to download video from Instagram is to use an online tool. In this way, it saves your data space while preventing your Instagram account from being breached.

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is such an outstanding website-based downloading tool which can be used in any operating system. Its way of use is very simple --- just copy and paste the Instagram video URL and then let it complete the finishing touch. But on different digital devices, the detailed steps to download Instagram video online are slightly different. Let's look at the following simple guide on how to download Instagram video on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

On Windows/Mac

It is very easy to grab video from Instagram on Windows/Mac. You are free from downloading any software on your laptop before getting your desired Instagram videos. I will guide your breeze through downloading Instagram video with VideoSolo Online Video Downloader on Windows while it is the same as on Mac.

Note: The only differences between operations on Windows and Mac perhaps lie in the way the download button appears and the shortcuts used to copy and paste video URL.

Step 1. Search for the Instagram page on your browser and go to the page where your loved video is played. Navigate the window to find the three dots on the right hand. Click it and you will see a pop-up message. On the list, tick "Share" > "Copy Link" to copy the Instagram Video URL to your clipboard.

Download Three-dot Icon on PC

Step 2. Add a new tab on the browser and search for "" or click here to head for its homepage. Once the browser has loaded the page, insert the just-copied link into the text box. Then press "Download" so as to encode the video.

Step 3. It will appear new content on the page where you are able to select formats for some Instagram video. But for others, there is only one format as it is shown in the below picture. To really begin the download procedure, click on the "Download" button on the right hand. After that, sit back and have a cup of coffee before enjoying the Instagram video on your hard drive.

Download Instagram Video on PC

On Android

Downloading Instagram videos to Android is quite easy. You don't even have to install an Instagram application. All you need is Copy & Paste practice.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to open a browser on your Android. Go to the Instagram page and play the video that you would like to enjoy on your hard drive. Next up, just like what you should do on PC, tap the three-dot icon on the upper right corner on the Instagram page and select "Copy Link" on the pop-up window.

Copy Instagram Video Link on Android

Step 2. Turn to a new page or tap the address bar on the same tab, and then insert "" before entering its homepage. Once the ViddeoSolo Online Video Downloader's homepage is unfolded, enter the video link you copied from Instagram. Within a second, it pops up a window where you should click the "Download" button corresponding to certain video format and resolution.

Finally, the download task of Instagram video will be automatically underway on your browser.

Download Instagram Video on Android

On iPhone/iPad

Different from Android, grabbing video from iOS devices includes the more complicated procedure, since iPhone and iPad do not support directly downloading Instagram videos. But don't be panic! It is the same Copy&Paste click except that it requires an extra program.

Step 1. Prior to heading for the Instagram application, you should first install a program called "Documents" from App Store in your iPhone/iPad. Get it to your hard drive and launch it. From the interface of Documents, go to the "browser" icon and search for

Open VideoSolo Online Video Downloader on Documents on iPhone

Step 2. After preparing VideoSolo Online Video Downloader on Documents, fire up your Instagram application. Slide to the video page and find the three dots on the upper right corner as is shown in the picture below. Tap on it to choose "Copy Link".

Copy Instagram Video Link on iPhone

Step 3. Next, press the Home button to the home screen and turn up Documents again. On the page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader paste the copied video link into the text box and head with "Download" below. Then a list of video formats appears along with the corresponding "Download" button. If you have decided on which video format and resolution, just go with "Download". Your hard drive of iPhone is going to include the Instagram video within seconds.

No matter whether you are holding Android or iOS operating systems or using PC or Mac, to download Instagram video to MP3 or other formats with VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is just a piece of cake. Breezing through video Instagram download with VideoSolo Online Video Downloader will never come with the risk of being contaminated by ad-ware. Thus, if you have the plan of downloading memorable moments shared by your friends on Instagram, or funny clips uploaded by strangers, why not try the tried-and-tested method on your Windows/Mac/Android/iOS?