As a music lover and enthusiast, you must be very familiar with Pandora, for it has all of the songs that you want. As one of the biggest online music radios, Pandora is favored by people mostly for its music streaming and automated music recommendation service. Most of its users would like to download their favorite music for offline listening, however, it is not very easy to download Pandora music due to some limitations. So, how to download music from Pandora without these limits. Here, I will introduce the solution.

Part 1. Download Pandora Music with VideoSolo Screen Recorder

There are several methods to download Pandora songs and it is not a hard task to do if you have got the right way and programs necessary. Just in case that you haven't found the ideal method, I would like to share you with a smart and professional program to make this work. And probably VideoSolo Screen Recorder is the best way to download music from the vast collection of Pandora.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a powerful and independent audio recorder, which can help you record all types of streaming music, radio or online audio and save them with high quality formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA audio track. With this program, you are able to:

· Download and record as many Pandora music as you like;

· Output any audio with high quality;

· Convert the recorded Pandora music to any other formats like M4B, FLAC;

· Start and stop the audio recording with the shortcut button.


Step 1. Download and Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Download the latest version from the product page of VideoSolo Screen Recorder and then install it on your computer.

Note: Please be informed that this program has both the free-trial version and paid version. With the free-trial version you just can record 3 minutes of the music, it would be better to get the full paid version. You can choose according to your actual needs.


Step 2. Run VideoSolo Screen Recorder

After installing the program, launch it on your computer.

Step 3. Choose Audio Recorder

Click the "Audio Recorder" button in the main interface.

Main Interface

Step 4. Record Pandora Music

Before recording, you'd better turn on "System Audio"and turn off "Microphone" for recording Pandora Music to avoid noise. Or if you like to record your own voice, you can turn on "Microphone" and you can adjust the volume at will.

Audio Recorder

Step 5. Start Recording Pandora Music

Click the "REC" button to begin the recording process. You are available to preview the audio track after recording ends.

Record Audio

All in all, there goes the complete and simple tutorial for you to download music from Pandora, it is very user-friendly, just try and enjoy!

Part 2. Download Pandora Music with Chrome Extension

Perhaps some of you may wonder if there is other way to do that, there you can do the job with another way. You can download and install Pandora Download Links extension to Google Chrome and visit the store to search the extension for free. Go to the Pandora website and log in your account and play the Pandora music, there you can click the "Download" button next to the song and save the Pandora playlist to your computer.

Download Pandora Music With Chorme Extension

With the two methods above, I believe you can download music from Pandora smoothly. You can choose any of them as you like. With the VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can do more with the music you download from Pandora websites like ripping the music into kinds of audio formats with high output quality. It's all depending on your requirements. Choose a good way and enjoy your Pandora music offline!