TED is an academic site that has a massive video collection of talks from different reputable personalities. It is a good choice for users who look for enlightenment, want to learn some new discoveries about science, technology, medicine, and more. All TED talks can be viewed via the browser, but if someone who likes to keep the inspiring videos close by, they may want to download them to portable devices.

So, find out how to download TED talks with subtitle and watch them offline on the following article.

What's TED Talks?

TED, the abbreviation that stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a nonprofit media organization that posts talks online for distribution under the slogan "ideas worth spreading". Initially, TED focused on technology and design, but it has broadened its repertoire to include talks on many scientific, cultural, and academic topics. These talks are shared via their global conference which gives a platform to visionaries in diverse fields to spread their creative ideas to the world. With its story-telling way, these talks are widely spread through the Internet and downloaded by many users in order to watch offline.

Two Ways to Download TED Talks with Subtitle

Method 1: Download TED talks via the official TED website

If you just want to download single or no more than three TED videos now and then, you can download them directly from their official website. It is the simplest way to download TED videos from the TED site. Every Talk page contains a Download button. (You can see the button in the screen grab below) Open the video page you want and click the Download button.

Screen Grab

It offers you to choose the subtitles in English or any of up to 100 languages, or you can just download them without subtitles. Please note that it defaults to "Subtitles: Off", if you want to download TED talks with subtitles, remember to turn it on. Additionally, you have got a choice of video quality, and can download the videos as MP3 audio or MP4 video.

The location of the download is depending on your browser and computer/device settings, you can change it as you need.

Quality Choice

Method 2: Download TED Talks with TED Downloader

TED Downloader (Version 2) is a simple but neat tool that can help you downloading TED videos in bulk. It is small and free software which has a very easy-using interface. This program is available for installing in your computer with Microsoft and you need to pre-install NET version 4.0 to make TED Talks Downloader run.

With the help of TED Talks Downloader, you can choose the videos you want to download from the site and select a proper quality (Low, Regular, and High). The higher the quality is, the longer the downloading time takes. Now, choose the download file, click on "Update Links", select the videos you want to download, click on "Get TED Talks".

Choose Download Files

The new version of the tool introduces several new key features that create a much improved downloading experience.

First of all, you can download from the shorter one to the longer one in turn and by date of their upload, thus you can get the latest ones. You can find out the result from the progress bar.

Check The Progress

Secondly, if you would like to do that with a different Download Manager, you can export the download paths to a text file and copy-paste it to such Manager. It is able to keep the text file with URLs of the videos being downloaded for reference.

Lastly, you are available to download TED videos behind a proxy address.

If you just want to download a single TED video or multiple ones, you can choose for either of the two methods. It depends on your actual needs and both methods are very simple to master.

All in all, these are the two ways to get the job done. Have you managed how to download TED talks with subtitles now? If you are a TED fan, why not try by yourself to get your favorite videos saving in your computer or other portable devices. Take action and enjoy your videos!