Twitter is widely used by people all across the world in a way to communicate, express unique opinions and share pictures and funny clips with friends and strangers. For some, Twitter is a not just a great platform to contribute, but also a brilliant stage to take in good opinions and funny stuff through the carrier of images and above all videos. If you are a member of Twitter, have you considered retaining the videos uploaded by your favourite bloggers for offline viewing? If so, you've got to the right place! This passage is going to introduce one single best method to download Twitter video to your computer/iPhone/Android with just one tool.

Three Clicks: Download Twitter Video with The Simplest Free Tool

You are going to learn the quickest and simplest method to download video from Twitter within seconds. There is no additional software involved in the process, so it means no extra space occupied on your hard drive, nor will it carry virus or advertisements. Probably many of you have heard about it --- VideoSolo Online Video Downloader , a green & free web portal to download video from Twitter and any other popular video-sharing sites/platforms.

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader features a quick and simple process to download Twitter video to iPhone and Android devices as well as any laptop within clicks of Copy & Paste. The resulting video's quality largely depends on the quality type of the original video that is uploaded by its owner, so as long as the video uploader shares a video to Twitter of a rather high quality, then VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is sure of grabbing a high-definition video to your hard drive. Meanwhile, it has a fast download speed so much as that you are able to enjoy your desired Twitter clips within seconds.

Although on different digital devices, using VideoSolo Online Video Downloader to download Twitter videos might have slightly different procedures, the main direction is the same, so is the major operations. At first, you should grab the video URL from Twitter page. After copying the link, enter it to the text box on the homepage of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. The final step is to choose the video format and the matched resolution before clicking on the "Download" button.

Download Twitter Video on Laptop

Notice That You Have to Know to Download Twitter Videos

However, the first copying act varies from one device to another. For laptops, including PC and Mac, all you need to do is to find the download arrow button on the upper right corner of the video window before selecting "Copy Link to Tweet".

Copy Twitter Video URL on PC/Mac

Whereas, for Android/iOS mobile devices, you should first tap the down arrow icon and then "Share Tweet via" > "Copy Link to Tweet".

Copy Twitter Video URL on iPhone/Android

Note: iPhone/iPad users may involve an extra step before getting access to VideoSolo Online Video Downloader: you need to download an management application called DOCUMENTS at first, and then open the browser inside the program. Search for "" to its homepage.

Open VideoSolo Downloader on Documents in iPhone

The Bottom Line:

Despite the fact that Twitter does not support an built-in download button for you to conveniently save Twitter videos for better offline enjoyment, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader makes it possible to conveniently watching Twitter clips without the network connection on any portable devices, like iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones as well as Macs and PCs. Try it on your device at once, and you will be surprised by this quick magic trick.