Nowadays, people are less likely to be troubled by how to get access to popular films, funny clips shared by friends or celebrities or TV shows due to the increasing popularity of video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter. Yet, to download video from the Internet for later viewing or other offline uses is not as easy as viewing them online. Thus, this passage is going to instruct you about how to download video from the Internet with some easy tools.

There are a number of ways to download video off the Internet, but there is no one way that alone can handle all the video download tasks. So here we will introduce three common ways for you to grab your favorite streaming videos for watching and using anytime. You can resort to another workaround if one fails.

An Online Download Solution- Save Any Video You Love for Free

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is such an excellent web-based tool for you download any video on the Internet. It supports nearly 1000 video sites, like such trending social media as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is quite easy to use, which can be demonstrated as below.

Step 1. Copy the Video URL

Turn to the website page which plays the video you would like to save for later watching (here I use YouTube video as an example). From the address bar copy the link with hotkey "Ctrl+C" after selecting it all.

Step 2. Enter the URL to the Input Video URL

Open the main page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader and enter the just copied video link to the input box. Then Click "Download" to the end of the input box.

VideoSolo Online Video Downlaoder Paste URL

Step 3. Select Output Format

Slide download to where there is a list of video output sets with different formats and quality types. Decide on which set of output you prefer and press the corresponding "Download" button on the right corner parallel to output sets.

Tip: If it does not immediately pop up a download dialog, but pop up a playback dialogue, right click the video and choose "Save as". Specify the directory where your video is going to be saved and go ahead with "OK" or "Save".

VideoSolo Online Video Downlaoder Download Video of Different Formats

This process of saving video from websites can also be applied to most of the other online video grabbers, such as

An Add-on Extension- Convenient for Your Download Life

If you do not want to repeat the procedure of opening the online downloading tool page and copying and pasting the video URL (even though it is quite easy to do), you probably like this method by adding a download extension. No doubt that compared with the online downloader, the add-on is more convenient.

ClipConverter is the point in case. It stands out among other add-on extensions in that it is efficient in the download. It will satisfy the download demand of a majority of people in that it not only works well in video download but also offers you options to convert the original videos to your desired format. As a result, you can use the downloaded videos anywhere with the help of ClipConverter.

Step 1. Install the extension to your Browser

Go to the page ClipConverter, there are three types of ClipConverter add-on so far under the column of "BROWSER ADDON" column. Choose the right browser add-on according to the browser you use. Install it on your laptop according to the specific instruction.

Step 2. Play Your Video on the Website

Head to play your loved video on the website. Find the "CLIPCONVERTER" download icon below the video and click on it.

ClipConverter Addon Under YouTube Video

Step 3. Make Choices Among Different Formats

It immediately prompts you to another window to choose different video formats together with quality types. Tick whichever format you want, define the location on your computer where the video is going to be deposited and rename it.

Choose "Download" under the "Conversion Format" column if you do not want to convert it. Otherwise, select other options, like audio types or video types.

ClipConverter Downloaded Video Format

Step 4. Click Start and Download it to Your Computer

Having made all the preferences, press "Start" at the end. It will grab the video into a file within a second on a pop-up window. After that, you can click "Download" to save it to your computer.

A Standalone Program- Simple and Easy to Use with Download

The above two ways are the most frequent way to download video from the Internet. But some people may prefer using a standalone program to grab video off the trending websites. In this case, you would better try RealPlayer.

It is a self-contained video software for watching, downloading and saving videos from the internet. With it, you can easily download online videos from anywhere on the web and save them within one click for free. However, it is not pleasing in some ways, like the download button always missing and constantly crashes and slows down internet speed, etc.

Even so, it still deserves your attempt. Follow the 3 steps below to quickly download online videos.

Step 1. Click here to download it and install on your laptop according to the instructions. Once installed, close your Internet Explorer, Chrome or Fire Fox, and open it again.

Step 2. Play a video within the browser and you will find there is a download icon on the top of the page on the browser. But for Chrome, you should click the flashing "down" icon on the top right once there is a video playing on this page.

RealPlayer Download Button Appears on the Browser

Step 3. Click on the download button and you can oversee the download progress on the window of RealPlayer. Go to the Library field to watch the saved videos off the Internet.

RealPlayer Library for Watching Downloaded Online Videos

All of these methods can be applied to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Instagram and some other trending video sharing websites. But it does not mean that using one of them, you can be one hundred percent sure of downloading any website video. Try another if one works badly. Thanks for reading!