For most people who are crazy about watching TV series, movies, shows or just funny videos on YouTube, Instagram or Vimeo, it would be great if you can download videos from websites on Mac or Windows for offline watching or other personal uses.

But do you know how to grab a video embedded on a website in an easy and safe way? The best workaround may be using online downloading tools. In the following minutes, you will learn how to download video from any website to your computer with an efficient online tool.

Easy Guide: Download Web Video Within Clicks

Compared with some standalone downloading programs or Chrome Extensions, such as Video Downloader Professor, online downloading tools can really save your laptop space and are easier in use. VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is such a web-based service designed to handle all kinds of YouTube downloading needs, and video grabbing needs from other 1,000+ sites, including Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter.

It supports various output formats for videos and audios, typically being MP3 for video and M4A for audio. On its simple interface, it is abundant in quality selections, ranging from 1080p to 2k in video and from 64 to 320 kbps in audio. What's worth mentioning is that VideoSolo Online Video Downloader allows you to output only video or audio from a complete video. It goes without doubt that VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is well-compatible with all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. on Mac and Windows.

With VideoSolo Online Video Downloader, you can easily grab Video from the website to your computer within 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Go to the Video and Copy the Video URL

In YouTube, Instagram or other video-sharing websites, go to the page where the video you want to download is played. Left click the video URL on the address bar above the browser to select all. Then right click it to select "Copy" or just using "Ctrl"+ "C" shortcut.

 Copy Video URL

Step 2. Paste the URL in the VideoSolo Online Video Downloader

Open the page of the VideoSolo Online Video Downloader , and paste the video URL you have already copied earlier in the text box. Then Press the "Download" button to the right of the text box.

Paste Video URL

Step 3. Download Video of Certain Format and Quality

Next up, choose the video format and quality of your desire by pressing the corresponding "Download" button to the right hand on the same parallel line. For some videos, you are even able to download the audio track only.

Download Video

Note: If you cannot immediately download it after clicking the "Download" button on the right hand and automatically pop up a page for video playback. Then you should click on the menu button (usually on the right bottom corner) and continue to press "Download".

Please review related policies of each website and make sure you have the copyright permission for downloading and distributing these videos. Otherwise, you may grab videos at your risk. Thanks for reading this article. Hope you can download your desired videos with VideoSolo Online Video Downloader without any trouble. If you do encounter some problems, feel at ease to contact us for help.