How would you download an entire YouTube playlist, copy the video links in the playlist one by one? Actually, you don't have to do that. I found a much simpler way to download YouTube playlist with one-click online, so I wrote this guide to you. I will do my best to tell you clearly how to do it.

Online Way to Download YouTube Playlist with One-click

The online way to download YouTube Playlist I found recently is VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. Here I use it as an example to tell you how to download the YouTube playlist. This website offers multiple output formats and video resolutions. You are able to use it on the computer, Android phone, and iPhone. Note that, if you want to download the playlist directly on iPhone, you need to go to App Store to download an application calls "Documents" first. But if you use this online downloader on computer and Android phone, you don't need to install anything.

Step 1. Copy the Link of the YouTube Playlist

Find and copy the URL of the YouTube Playlist and then open the official website of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. Now just paste the URL into the download box. Click the "Download" button.

Copy Vimeo Link

Step 2. Click the Video You Want to Jump to Download Page

The entire playlist will be parsed as multiple links. Click the video you want. You will jump to the download page of this link on the new tab page.

Paste and Click Download

Step 3. You Only Need to Wait a Few Seconds

The URL will autofill the download box. What you need to do is to wait a few seconds.

Step 4. Select the Output Format and Resolution to Download

You may find video download, video-only, audio download and subtitles download. If you just need to listen to the sound of the video, the best choice is "Audio Download". You can play the audio directly on iPhone by selecting M4A format. Generally, you can also play M4A format in your Android phone directly too.

However, if it cannot and you want to change it to MP3 format, you can use VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. This is an extremely powerful converter allows you to convert almost all existing formats. Of course, including the MP3 format. After you select the output format and resolution, click "Download" to preview and download the file to your computer or your mobile phone.

Preview and Download

Tip - How to Find More YouTube Playlist that Contains Your Desired Videos

Playlists are usually grouped by subjects, such as this playlist about adorable animals or this playlist of Kanye West music videos.

If you want to find more playlists of the account:

1. Enter into the user's channel.

2. Click "PlAYLISTS" to choose the playlist you want.

3. Click "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST" to view all the videos in this playlist.

Find More Playlist

You may want to find the playlist you want more accurately, then use "FILTER" in YouTube. For example, search for 'Kanye West', use "FILTER" to select type "Playlist", and sort the playlist by relevance, upload date, view count or rating, so you can find the playlist you want more accurately.

Filter the Playlist

With the four steps in Part 1, you are able to download the YouTube Playlist online in one-click. Now hurry up and follow our tip to find more playlists, then download them with this excellent online video downloader.

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